Faster 5K

Run a faster 5k in just 8 weeks and build up to a 5k community run.

Who is this programme for?

This programme is suitable for members who are already running 5k or further with a level of comfort/fitness.

If you are new to running then we recommend you start our Give Me 5 Programme before progressing to this programme.

Faster 5K

All too often as runners we stick to one pace or distance and this leads to an inevitable plateau.

To help you improve your running and current 5K run time we recommend 3 sessions a week that tap into all of your running energy systems.

Over an 8-week period we will put you through your paces and introduce you to 3 different types of session.

1x Endurance Run
This run is all about sustaining uncomfortable race exertion. This is a level of discomfort that mirrors the middle-to-late stages of a 5km race

1x Tempo/Threshold run
This run is all about learning to run comfortably at race pace

1x Interval Run
Interval training is one of the most effective ways to increase your level of fitness faster

On Saturday the 19th December at 10am the Her Spirit Community we will run together with a Give Me 5 Virtual 5k run

Programme includes:

– Weekly progressive sessions

– 6:30-6:45pm LIVE streamed Wednesday Run Club

– Live streamed weekly strength classes

– Dedicated Run Group to gain support and stay     motivated

– Give Me Five Yoga (video) & Meditation (audio)

– 19th December Virtual Community 5k run or walk

How to join

– Join as a Her Spirit Premium Member

Her Spirit Faster 5K Challenge 

(for all Premium Members)


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I run to be


'Running is me trying to invest in myself'

Be kind! Feel the fear and do it anyway.”

I very rarely invest in myself! I guess my running is me trying to invest in myself but with 4 children and working 6 day weeks it’s really hard. Something I need to work on!

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I swim to be


'I found a new love of swimming'

"Say yes! more."

I have achieved SO many things. I am so thankful for Her Spirit - I feel a little bit like I am trying to convert people to join a cult when I am talking about it because when you join the community it is a little bit life changing!

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I exercise to be


'Duathlon is the hobby I never knew I wanted'

“I’ve learnt that I know me better than anyone else”

It's not about being the best it's about doing your best and everyday these inspirational coaches and community share knowledge, the positives, the wins, the fun and even those days were we struggle.

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I cycle to be


'I CAN do anything'

"Just say yes, really what’s the worst that can happen."

I don’t know what I’d have done if I hadn’t discovered Her Spirit. There is something for every women on there. I love this journey I’m on and long may it continue with this wonderful community.

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I walk to be


'My healthy lifestyle is working and I feel fantastic'

"You are unstoppable ”

Her Spirit inspires me daily when I see the posts from all of the other incredible women in the community. Knowing that we really are all in this together, means that even if I am hundreds of miles away, I can still be connected to everyone else via the app.

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I tri to be


'I have done more than I ever thought possible'

“Tired and Inspired"

In the spring, I discovered Her Spirit and haven't looked back!  I am delighted to have completed my first triathlon and on my way to achieving my 70.3 triathlon goal. The community support and coaches here have been amazing.

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