I walk to be


Vicky Malmsjo

"You are unstoppable ”

How Her Spirit inspired me?
As a swimmer, I was unable to exercise during lockdown so decided to start walking for something to do. I started off with 5k walks a day around my village and set myself the goal of walking a little bit further each week. By the end of the first month I had already walked 245km and was covering 10km a day.  I walked every day for 14 weeks and during that period my friend Kerry (also a Her Spiriter) contacted me and asked me if I wanted to be on her team to help fundraise for a charity called Woman’s Trust who support anyone recovering from domestic violence. Sadly I know far too many amazing women that have been victims of domestic abuse so I said yes straight away.

The challenge was to walk 2.6 miles a day for 26 days, but as I was already covering more than this distance, I set my own personal challenge to 10km per day for 26 consecutive days with a full marathon 26.2 miles walked on the 26th day. I achieved my goal and completed my walking marathon in 8 hours and 48 minutes. It was by far one of my greatest achievements.

How I feel supported?
During the lockdown I didn’t see anyone but being part of Her Spirit meant that I never felt alone. A few years ago I couldn’t even walk around my house after I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease. I took up swimming to help my mobility and never looked back. I have avoided dry land exercise until lockdown. Being part of Her Spirit kept me going as I hit a wall at mile 19/20, I got a bit delirious in the 26 degree heat, convinced myself I should probably stop, but the team in the Her Spirit group chat sent me so many messages of encouragement, including a personal video message from swimming legend Mel Marshall, there was no way I was quitting. So I went home at 23 miles, changed my trainers and went straight back out the front door and finished it.”

What I have achieved?
I have gained so many new friends and I have achieved walking the marathon! I walked so much, I wore out 2 pairs of trainers!

My biggest barrier was being diagnosed with degenerative disc disease which left me unable to walk properly and in severe pain. As I did not want an operation or to be on medication my whole life I started to learn to swim properly to help improve my core strength and flexibility and support my spine. Making this decision changed my life in every way possible.

What else?
No matter what other people may say, always believe in yourself. There will always be people that will tell you things are impossible and that you can’t do it, but you can. The only person that can ever stop you achieving is you and if you don’t give up on your dreams then they have no other option but to materialise.


It’s an amazing community full of like minded women who are there to support and encourage you to fulfil your own personal objectives without judgement

Vickey - Essex