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Special “Back to swimming” offer with our partners Zoggs

We have teamed up with our partners Zoggs to offer a 25% offer on all items from the 13th – 27th April. Just go to www.zoggs.com and quote HERSPIRIT25 at check out to get your discount. Happy swimming

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Dani’s Her Spirit Winter Swim Challenge

I’m the last person I know that would swim in a freezing sea, in the dead of winter.  Believe me.  Having lived at the coast for 11 years, I NEVER felt it calling me in, apart from the odd paddle up to my ankles in 30 degree heat.  So, how on earth did I end […]

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Women’s bone strength and health by Coach Jesse

What are the important things to consider in women’s bone health and how can you make sure you are looking after yours while training for triathlon? How can strength training help? As athletes, when training for triathlon, the goals are focused on speed, endurance, power output and other such performance-related goals.  So much focus is […]

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Reasons why you need sleep by Her Spirit MIND Coach Marie Moss

Around 3 months ago I noticed I wasn’t really feeling myself. I was irritable, my moods were all over the place, I was more emotional and felt like I had lost my sparkle. During a conversation with Co-founder Holly, she recommended that I do a 7 day reflection diary whereby I looked at how much […]

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