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Vitamin D and Our Health by Coach Jesse

Winter is approaching.  It’s getting colder, damper and gets dark far too early.  Those of us that reside in the Northern Hemisphere are seeing very little sunshine, particularly those who work indoors or are housebound, thus our exposure to the so-called sunshine vitamin (D) is somewhat limited. But what is the impact of this on […]

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Why exercising in Menopause Matters by Coach Jesse

Anxiety, weight gain, exhaustion, lack of confidence, depression…..the list of menopausal symptoms goes on, and on, and on. But the good news is that you have the power to take back control – and exercising plays a massive part in this. We have linked up with our partners My Menopause Centre on World Menopause Day […]

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Member of the Month – September – Mel Carrington & Mirja Bouchard

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” – Helen Keller.  When times are difficult and we struggle with our mental and physical health, being part of a community of like minded people who we can turn to for motivation and inspiration has remarkable benefits. This month we are celebrating two […]

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My earliest memories of swimming mostly involve my dad and my sisters by EJ Mew

We would regularly all bundle into the car to the local swimming pool when Mum was working at the weekends. I have great memories of spending lots of time underwater doing handstands and somersaults and also teaching my dad how to swim. I only found out recently when swimming with my sister about my dad’s […]

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