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My earliest memories of swimming mostly involve my dad and my sisters by EJ Mew

We would regularly all bundle into the car to the local swimming pool when Mum was working at the weekends. I have great memories of spending lots of time underwater doing handstands and somersaults and also teaching my dad how to swim. I only found out recently when swimming with my sister about my dad’s […]

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I always enjoyed swimming as a child till  early teens by Amanda Kiani 🤩

The other half of “Sisters of swim” is the the wonderful Amanda Kiani  Swimming for the local swimming club with my best friend in the same lane, ploughing up and down the pool. Training 3 times a week, galas on a Saturday (we had no idea who Knight Rider was, we had other plans for […]

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I have swum for pretty much as long as I can remember by Gillian McNulty

We love the pair of Gillian and Amanda who make up the “Sisters of Swim” 🏊‍♀️😍 I feel lucky that my parents decided that swimming was a life skill that we needed to learn from a very young age. I have fond memories of swimming underwater lengths at Edgewood Drive pool in Hucknall imagining I […]

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So my running journey in a nutshell by Megsy ❤️

I basically hated running and my husband tried to get me out many times (he is ex-Army) and I just didn’t like it and one mile felt like miles.  I was mega fit back in my younger years but just let myself go.  I went from a size 8 to a size 20 and six […]

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