I swim to be


Jessica Lane

"Say yes! more."

How Her Spirit inspired me?

It’s like having a social media platform that is ONLY positive and inspiring – I can go there when either I am lacking motivation, or if i have a question about something I can’t seem to overcome, or for information, or for workouts, mindfulness…there is SO much goodness and it all collectively inspires me. Plus these incredible, positive and awesome women are all just normal regular women absolutely grabbing life with both hands and saying yes to new opportunities and experiences, and seeing this makes me think ‘well if she can do it, maybe I can too’. We get to experience things all together through this one app and its helping me live a happier and healthier life both physically and mentally.

How I feel supported?

The coaches are on hand for any help, but also the women within the Her Spirit community want to see you achieve new goals, so we each support one another and celebrate each others victories! I really enjoy that there is so little emphasis on distance or time when completing an event or training session, because for each person an achievement is individual. There is so much more focus on how it makes you feel, if you have enjoyed it and what your next goal is.

What I have achieved?

I have achieved SO many things that I only quietly wished I could do. Before joining Her Spirit I was too embarrassed to even tell people I wanted to one day complete a triathlon for fear of being laughed at. I also used to watch people swimming in the sea thinking it looked amazing but that it was something I couldn’t do. But here I am – one triathlon in, regularly swimming in the sea, achieving new goals and realizing that there is so many more things I want to achieve and experience. I think my biggest achievement is believing in myself – I can do it.

What else ….

I am so thankful for Her Spirit – I feel a little bit like I am trying to convert people to join a cult when I am talking about it because when you join the community it is a little bit life changing!

I deleted my social media apps from my phone quite a few weeks ago, it’s not good for my mind. But I kept Her Spirit because I feel inspired by all the amazing ladies here and there is just endless amounts of love & support from everyone here.