I exercise to be


Marie Moss

“I’ve learnt that I know me better than anyone else”

How Her Spirit inspired me?
Her Spirit inspiration comes by the bucket load. Watching these ladies achieve their goals, motivating and supporting each other spurs me on to give things a go, to get involved and challenge myself. When I first joined, I wondered if I had bitten off more than I could chew.

I’m not an athlete, I didn’t always understand the language or technical stuff but you know what, these phenomenal women teach, educate and encourage you to the point where you get it. It’s not about being the best it’s about doing your best and everyday these inspirational coaches and community share knowledge, the positives, the wins, the fun and even those days were we struggle. Having just completed my first virtual duathlon, which I can barely believe I did, let me tell you although I did the moving, I was powered by Her Spirit.

How I feel supported?
I barely know where to begin to describe the amount of support, both professional and from the girls. The Bike with confidence programme which took me from a potter to shops to cycling up and down the wolds. I can fix a puncture if I need to and have lost my fear of fast descents. The 6 weeks learn to fuel programme where finally due to support from Holly and Jesse I understood about macros and what to put on my plate. I have more energy, sleep better and train better and dare I say it the inches are reducing. The 4-week training programme that got me through the duathlon. I wouldn’t have known where to start but it was all done for me. Never in a million would I have considered drills, strength and flexibility. As a woman of a certain age I should know about menopause…wrong I’m post menopause and didn’t know I could benefit from HRT. With support from a GP, Dr Nighat Arif and the Her Spirit brave ladies I’m now educated and in control.

What I have achieved?
In the last few months I’ve achieved more than in the last year. Taking part in activities I had not done before, getting on the road with the bike, training injury free, the duathlon. Figuring out that no matter what your age, size or ability you can become fitter and stronger.

What else?
As I wandered into middle ages, I lost motivation, self-confidence and belief in my ability to achieve anything. Her Spirit has totally given me back my 40s. I’m not afraid to do anything because if not now then when? So with support and encouragement of all the girls I feel like I’m living.

There have been some many things over the years that have created hurdles, each one has a different solution but there are a few solid things I use all the time. Surround myself with good people, if something is not working then change it and never be afraid to ask for help.

“I’ve learnt that I know me better than anyone else”


Her Spirit has lifted my spirits, making me feel more motivated, focused and certainly more educated. I’m achieving things I never thought I could, getting stronger and more confident everyday.

Marie - York