About Her Spirit

We are on a mission to change the diet and fitness industry for us and future generations of women.

Her Spirit was founded by Mel Berry and Holly Woodford (supported by an amazing bunch of women in Nottingham) to challenge a diet and fitness industry that is failing women and absolutely needs to change.  We are passionate about the benefits of being active, eating well and looking after your mental health and we wanted to create a supportive and inclusive community that help’s women of all shapes and sizes to find your mojo and achieve goals you never thought possible.

We have spoken to hundreds of women who are also fed with diets that don’t work, instgram images of perfection and 30 day shred images that are not realistic.  50% of the population is constantly on a diet and only 1 in 10 women in the UK losing 5% of their body fat and keep it off.  It’s no longer acceptable to pedal quick fixes that just don’t work and assume one size fits all.

We started Her Spirit to help galvanise friends, family, colleagues and women across the globe to collectively shout out and prove it doesn’t have to be this way. We want to change the diet and fitness industry for us and future generations of young women who are already being affected by fear of judgment, poor body image and low self esteem.  We believe together we can make this change.

Through our vibrant on and offline community Her Spirit harnesses the collective power of women to help each other take small steps towards creating healthier habits for life and not just 30 days!   We want you to find what makes you happy, healthy and achieve things you never thought possible. All of our images, educational content and stories are genuine and from women, just like us. There is no right or wrong way to feel or to live a healthier and happier life.

Her Spirit is for EVERY woman and we literally want every woman to join! When you buy an annual membership we gift a membership to a women who couldn’t afford to join. We work directly with organisation’s that support women in deprived communities to ensure your membership reaches women that most need it. Our aim is to help change the lives of 1 million women.

Mel Berry

Her Spirit Co-Founder

Getting the best out of myself and everyone I work with is my passion. I have had the pleasure of working with some of the best athletes, coaches and business owners in the world. Supporting these experiences has been the chance to help so many people transform their lives. I believe that anyone can achieve anything they want to. But to enable this to happen, you need good people around you to realise this. This is one of many reasons I set up Her Spirit.

Holly Woodford

Her Spirit Co-Founder

I have spent decades working in the sport, fitness and health market and I was one of those ‘get though the day’ obsessive calorie counters and manic exercisers and it just made me more miserable. I have only recently focused on nutrition, and learning how to eat well and prioritise my own mental health. For me the results have been life changing and for the first time in my life I am truly happy with my body image and eat guilt free.


Our team of expert coaches help us deliver our amazing programmes, classes and coaching plans to every woman across the UK.

Jesse Lambert-Harden

Fuel & Lifestyle Coach

Jesse is a personal trainer, nutritionist and biomechanics/ movement coach. Jesse is an experienced nutrition and lifestyle coach and is the curator of our 6-week Learn to Fuel programme.

Marie Moss

Mind Coach

Marie is an experienced Practitioner in Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy.
Her passion is to inspire change and improve quality of life using both practical and holistic approaches to therapy.

Mel Young

Strength Coach

Mel is the Owner and Founder of Amazon24 Fitness and been a Personal Training for 20 years. Mel now creates successful Ladies Only Strength Programmes and lead this area for Her Spirit.

Caroline Martin

Yoga & Fitness Coach

Caroline has worked in the fitness industry for over 25 years and is founder of the Yoga Squad in Newark where she leads a team of yoga professionals delivering both online and offline classes.

Louise Johnson

Pilates Coach

Louise is our Pilates coach supporting the whole community to stay mobile. Louise is based in Blackheath in South East London and runs her own pilates business.

Sharon Dosanjh

Fitness Coach

Sharon is an experienced fitness coach based in Leicester with her own studio. Sharon is passionate about empowering women and women from black and ethnic communities to be more active.

Georgia Remnant

Pilates & Yoga Coach

Georgia has been practicing yoga and pilates for over 8 years. Her aim is to help women to be the best they can each day, physically and mentally.

Donna Frazer

Running Coach

Donna is a former sprinter, who competed at four consecutive Olympic Games for Great Britain. Donna is vice president at UK Athletics and a passionate equality and diversity campaigner.

Michelle Sharland

Cycling Coach

Michelle is a qualified Level 2 British Cycling coach and delivers indoor cycle session as well as the curator of Bike with Confidence. She will help you become a stronger and more confident cyclist no matter what your ability is.

Lucy Partridge

Triathlon & Strength Coach

Lucy is Level 2 Triathlon Coach and Personal Trainer and has a specialism in anti natal and post natal exercise. Lucy has taken part in every triathlon distance from super sprint to Ironman and leads our triathlon programme.

Mel Berry

Swimming Coach

Mel is an experienced triathlon and swimming coach and leads the development of our overall coaching programme.

Holly Woodford

Triathlon Coach

Holly is a British Triathlon coach and has a special interest in running. Holly also leads the overall design and development of our behaviour change programmes.


Thanks to our amazing partnerships we are able to provide every woman the opportunity to be fitter, stronger and healthier. We love collaborating with all types of organisations, community groups and charities so please do get in touch we’d love to hear from you.