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Tracey Brown

"Just say yes, really what’s the worst that can happen."

How Her Spirit inspired me?
It has given me the motivation and inspiration to get out there and give (anything) a go without any judgement Just say yes, really what’s the worst that can happen?? Not something I would have previously said!

So many real encouraging women who you can relate to with little challenges that you can actually take on with the feeling that you are in a true ‘of the same mind’ group even though you’re not seeing each other face to face

I’ve only really started adding me-time in this year and through Her Spirit – by starting swimming lessons, participating in Strength sessions and meditation, being encouraged to run and get the ole steel horse (bike) out. The feeling whilst doing these and after is exhilarating and makes you want more of this feeling.

How I feel supported?
Totally! Even if a lot of the time lately (covid) it has been virtually. If you have a good day these ladies cheer for you. An off day, you realise you’re not on your own (they’ve been there got the t-shirt) and shore you up Such an amazing community of friendly supportive women

What I have achieved?
Getting a life (full of adventure) What to others is a small thing to me huge! Like getting in a lake to swim wow then with just your bathers on. Every achievement know matter how small you may think it is, is celebrated by all because it’s a step/important for you and this is an amazing supportive community of friends

What else…

I don’t know what I’d have done if I hadn’t discovered Her Spirit. There is something for every women on there. I love this journey I’m on and long may it continue with these wonderful women (who set it up Mel & Holly) and the whole community. Ps Mel should come with a health warning ‘she’ll make you say ‘yes’ 😉

My anxiety has always been my biggest obstacle – but ‘what’s the worse that can happen’ is my mantra & in 12 hours it’ll be over after. The hurdle was never as big as you imagined.



Real women with real stories encouraging you to try something new, be better at what you do, be your best self. Inspiring, encouraging, supportive. So so many bits of jigsaw to the app that you can use it altogether or just do little sections.

Tracey - Nottingham