Beginner training plans for women.

Her Spirit Premium offers specialised training plans and group coaching for women seeking to improve their fitness or participate in a new event for the first time. We aim to ensure you approach the start line with confidence and get the most enjoyment out of your training towards it.

Smash your goals

Our goal is to provide top-notch inclusive coaching to women of all ages, locations and abilities, from novices to those seeking to enhance their performance.

Her Spirit Premium offers a flexible, single monthly subscription at an affordable price. Enjoy the convenience of switching your subscription on and off to accommodate the various events in your life!

All-in-one training solution

Whether you’re looking to run a 10K, enter your first outdoor swim, cycle event or take on a triathlon we’ve got everything you need to make training enjoyable and manageable with your hectic schedule.

As a Premium member you get everything in the free version PLUS unlimited access to:

  • Training plans & support.
  • Training session library.
  • Premium coaching groups.
  • 121 coaching advice.
  • Online group coaching sessions.
  • Daily live classes plus playback anytime.
  • Premium only Challenges and Virtual events.
  • Enhanced Premium reward unlocks.

Our program is designed to help you to realistically plan your training, provide personalised guidance, and maximise the effectiveness of your training time.

For just £9.99pm this is the only training membership you will ever need!

Training Plans

With one monthly subscription of just £6.99 (with annual membership) you will have unlimited  access all our training plans, coaching groups, programmes

Our mission is to help you thrive, feel better and have the energy to excel in all areas of your life and not just the short term event you are training for.

Her Spirit Premium coaching is lead by Jodie Swallow, ex international swimmer and 3 x world champion long distance pro triathlete and sports scientist, Helen Jenkins, 2 x World Triathlon Champion and Her Spirit Coaches and Co-Founder’s Mel Berry and Holly Woodford.

Group Coaching

Her Spirit Premium offers online group coaching as well as 24/7 access to our team of experienced world class coaches all dedicated to supporting women achieve they goals.

Groups include:

  • Training Tips
  • Coaching Lives
  • 5-10K Running
  • Half Marathon to Ultra running
  • 0-5K Swimming
  • Endurance Swimming
  • Endurance Cycling
  • Super sprint, sprint + Olympic distance triathlon
  • 70.3 + Ironman distance triathlon.

Live classes you can playback

As a Premium member, you gain access to all our daily live classes and the flexibility to replay them whenever it suits you.

Classes range from 30 mins to 45 mins and include:

  • All levels Yoga
  • Yoga for recovery
  • All levels Pilates
  • All body strength
  • Indoor cycling
  • Core + Ab strength
  • Sports based functional strength

You can stream or playback classes to your TV or access Her Spirit on the web via a laptop or tablet.

Training Session Library

Looking for weekly structure without committing to a full plan? Our comprehensive training session library lets you select sessions that fit your needs and schedule.

Our sessions cater to all levels across swimming and cycling, and we boast an expanding collection of 30-minute audio-based running sessions to maintain your motivation and progress.

Premium Only Rewards + Motivation

Our unique motivational algorithm, designed specifically for women, awards Her Spirit fitness points for every active minute you log.

As you accumulate these points, you’ll advance through fitness levels, unlocking thrilling rewards and exclusive partner discounts.

Premium members gain exclusive access to Premium-only challenges and virtual (including LIVE virtual) events, accelerating your progression through the levels.

Moreover, we save our most exceptional rewards and partner discounts exclusively for our Premium members.

Join us and discover whether you’re a Ninja, Rockstar, Wild Cat, or Warrior among our 38 levels of trackable activity.

100% motivation, support, plans and guidance guaranteed.

Premium Monthly
Unlimited Access
£9.99 per month
Save with Premium Annual
(equivalent to £6.99 per month.)
£79.99 per year

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