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Her Spirit a free community movement app  for all women.

We are an inclusive, supportive community for beginners who want to simply start being active with daily live classes, community challenges and virtual events.

There is so much to discover with the Her Spirit community app.

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Her Spirit is your one-stop shop for inspiration, information and accountability.

We have everything from yoga, pilates, to strength based training programmes for all levels.

We also offer low pressure training plans and coaching support for women who want to take on their first running, swimming, cycling or triathlon event.

Live classes you can playback anytime

As a Premium member, you gain access to all our daily live classes and the flexibility to replay them whenever it suits you.

Classes range from 30 mins to 45 mins and include:

  • All levels Yoga
  • Yoga for recovery
  • All levels Pilates
  • All body strength
  • Indoor cycling
  • Core + Ab strength
  • Sports based functional strength

You can stream or playback classes to your TV or access Her Spirit on the web via a laptop or tablet.

This isn't just another boring fitness app!

Our unique motivational algorithm, designed specifically for women, awards Her Spirit fitness points for every active minute you log.

As you accumulate these points, you’ll advance through fitness levels, unlocking thrilling rewards and exclusive partner discounts.

Premium members gain exclusive access to Bolton and Premium-only  challenges and virtual (including LIVE virtual) events, accelerating your progression through the levels.

Moreover, we save our most exceptional rewards and partner discounts exclusively for our Premium members.

Join us and discover whether you’re a Ninja, Rockstar, Wild Cat, or Warrior among our 38 levels of trackable activity.

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We're here with you every step of the way

Her Spirit Co-Founders Holly and Mel started Her Spirit because they just didn’t want to get moving but didn’t want to join a traditional sports club or gym.

They wanted to get fitter, stronger and healthier by strength training, walking running, swimming, cycling and more.

They wanted to create a community just for women where likeminded women could meet each other and access great coaching to help them keep motivated and moving.

We are inviting you to join us and help inspire 1 million women to become more active.

Her Spirit Co-Founders

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