Woman’s Trust and Her Spirit have boosted my confidence

By Sally Benatar

Woman’s Trust and Her Spirit  – firstly to say a big thanks for gifting me a Her Spirit subscription back in July 2023.

“I want to say a big thank you to Woman’s Trust and Her Spirit for their partnership. This led to me being gifted an annual subscription to the Her Spirit app by Woman’s Trust last July. I previously had counselling and attended workshops run by Woman’s Trust, after leaving a long abusive and controlling marriage. This support helped me get back on my feet and gave me strength to live my new independent life with confidence, free from coercive control.

The Her Spirit app has been so brilliant for me and has boosted my confidence in many areas. The app has given me a great motivation to carry on exercising, to challenge myself and to prioritise looking after myself. Exercising outdoors is like taking a magic pill to boost my mental well-being and physical strength.  The support from the coaches and from the women who make up the Her Spirit online community is really valuable.

Access to the online classes such as yoga, pilates, strength training is fantastic. The classes can be done live or on catch up and you don’t feel alone, because you know you are with others. The same goes for the virtual challenges which you do in your own time, but you feel part of a community. Maintaining social contact is an important part of my recovery from domestic abuse,  because I know how bad it feels to be isolated and I know how quickly my mood can spiral downwards if I don’t have contact with others.

Access to the expert coaching has given me the confidence and encouragement to carry on with walking, running, swimming and cycling. I have an auto-immune liver condition, autoimmune hepatitis, which can cause fatigue and stiff inflamed joints, but working on my strength and flexibility through the online classes has made a positive difference to my condition. I completed two super sprint triathlons last year. I never thought I would be capable of this!  I have loved the training and taking part in events, so much so that I have entered for two longer triathlons this year.  This gives me a focus and makes me happy!

I’m grateful that I found Her Spirit, thanks to the Woman’s Trust, and I want to spread the word about both organisations, so that other women can be helped as I have been, and can become fitter, stronger and healthier”.

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