Personalised coaching for your Mind, Body and Fuel

Together, we've got this

Her Spirit offers an alternative to the fad diets, intimidating weight-loss programmes and boring, soulless gym sessions

Her Spirit is a unique, holistic coaching experience for women of all shapes and sizes.  We offer realistic, tailored and transformational physical activity and healthy eating programmes to meet your personal goals and the knowledge and support you need to look after your own mental health. 

Transforming women’s lives. Making the impossible possible

Whats included

  • Unique 16-week structured physical activity, healthy eating and weight-loss coaching programme
  • One-to-one coaching and group calls via Live Chat and Zoom
  • Online community of like-minded women offering support and motivation
  • Healthy Fast Food recipes and meal planning tools
  • Library of mobility, yoga, strength, fitness and dance videos to get fit at home
  • Walk, swim, bike, run, triathlon training plans to help you achieve your goals
  • Her Spirit walking, swimming, cycling, running and triathlon challenges/events with other members
  • Tools and techniques to help you cope better at times of vulnerability or feeling anxious  
  • Mindfulness and meditation audio sessions to help you relax
  NEXT 16 Week Programme starts 
  16th September – Sign up now to join


With our vibrant online and offline community you are never on your own. Find support, motivation and the inspiration to achieve goals you never thought possible


Helping you build your confidence, reverse the negative chatter and learn how to live life to the full.


Helping you build total body confidence, motivation with our step by step activity plans and online exercise videos. 


No more diets, no more calorie counting just learning to love food again.

Meet Our Success Stories


Amy joined Her Spirit to become more active and do her very first Triathlon. “I’ve had so much support from the Her Spirit community.  The programme has open up so many opportunities and I am so happy with my confidence. I have met so many different people, attended events I never would have and been out cycling with work colleagues and my family. I have really pushed my fitness and mentally it has done me the world of good. I am so confidant in so many ways now and I think Her Spirit is brilliant.”


“I’ve gained confidence, I’m healthier and I’m stronger. From helping others, I’ve helped myself. I have a better sense of community and I feel empowered. I’m now training to become a personal trainer. The fear of the unknown doesn’t stop me doing it now!”


“Walking, and being active gives me a glow from the inside out.  I feel really warm, that’s the ‘I can do it’  bit – and I now know this, and I truly believe it. I’ve been so inspired to be part of this spirited group. It’s fun, it’s social and I’ve  had such a lot of support from the group.”

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