Personalised coaching for your Mind, Body and Fuel

Together, we've got this

Her Spirit is an alternative to boring, soulless gym sessions and fad diets.

Her Spirit is a personalised coaching app for your Mind, Body and Fuel. Wether you want to run your first 5k, swim the channel or learn to fuel yourself for a happier and healthier life, this is the place for you. Join our spirited community of women taking on news challenges, living life to the full and achieving more than they ever thought possible.  

How it Works

Step 1

Subscribe to Her Spirit for 12 months or monthly to access our Frightened to Fearless challenges, training plans, group and one-to-one coaching, online yoga, strength and mobility sessions and healthy fast food recipes. 

Step 2
Choose your Challenge

Chose one or multiple Frightened to Fearless Challenges and take part with like-minded women near you and across the UK. Each challenge is supported by a structured training programme,  group and one-to-one coaching.  

Step 3
Join the Community

Her Spirit connects you to other like-minded women in your local area and across the UK. Alongside our global community each challenge has a dedicated group where you can find support, motivation and the inspiration to achieve more than you ever thought possible.  

Join us, push your limits and discover your inner spirit.

Whats included


With our vibrant online and offline community you are never on your own. Find support, motivation and the inspiration to achieve goals you never thought possible


Helping you build your confidence, reverse the negative chatter and learn how to live life to the full.


Helping you build total body confidence, motivation with our step by step activity plans and online exercise videos. 


No more diets, no more calorie counting just learning to fuel yourself for a happier, healthier life.

Meet Our Success Stories


“I’ve had so much support from the Her Spirit community.  The programme has open up so many opportunities and I am so happy with my confidence. I have met so many different people, attended events I never would have and been out cycling with work colleagues and my family. I have really pushed my fitness and mentally it has done me the world of good. I am so confidant in so many ways now and I think Her Spirit is brilliant.”


“I absolutely love everything Her Spirit stands for and the message needs to be spread further.There are so many potential issues surrounding why women do not involve themselves in the world of endurance sports but making it more friendly, more approachable, more open to beginners is the way to encourage people to engage. I cant wait to do my next challenge”


“A huge heartfelt thank-you to all at Her Spirit. I would never have done this without you. Your support and encouragement took me over the finish line. I was buzzing after the event and still buzzing now. It definitely wont be my last. 


Without Her Spirit I would not have had the confidence to take part in my first triathlon. The training plan along with the support and guidance of the coaches and the other women was invaluable. I am already planning my next challenge”

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