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Her Spirit a free community sport and fitness app for all women.

We are an inclusive, supportive community for beginners who want to simply start being active with daily live classes, community challenges and virtual events.

To those of you who want to take your activity to the next level and need help, support with  training plans and programmes to get you there.

There is so much to discover with the Her Spirit community app.

Get fitter, stronger and healthier with us

Her Spirit is your one-stop shop for inspiration, information and accountability.

We have everything from yoga, pilates, to strength based training programmes for all levels.

We also offer low pressure training plans and coaching support for running, swimming, cycling and triathlon.

Guaranteed fun and fitness with like-minded women

We’ve pioneered a motivational experience
specifically for women, aiming to help you have fun as you build your fitness.

Once you have connected your preferred tracker, whether it’s Garmin, Polar, Fitbit, Strava, or numerous others via Strava, you can start accumulating points.

As you earn Her Spirit fitness points, you’ll progress through fitness levels and unlock exciting rewards for every minute of activity you complete.

Come find out if you’re a Ninja, Rockstar, Wild Cat or Warrior with our 38 levels of trackable activity.

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