Let's VOOM together!

Get ready for some excitement, ladies!

We’re thrilled to announce the Her Spirit Virtual 10K, brought to you in collaboration with VOOM Nutrition. This isn’t just any event – it’s a celebration of women’s strength and endurance, and the best part? It’s absolutely FREE!

Whether you’re lacing up your running shoes for the first time or you’re a seasoned 10K enthusiast, this event is for everyone.

It’s all about having fun, pushing your limits, and joining a community of incredible women.

So, let’s hit the pavement on the 5th May, united and run together.

Ready, set, go!

How does it work?

  • Kick off at 10 AM on May 5, 2024: Join our lively virtual run from wherever you are!
  • Easy Sign-Up & Tracking: Register for FREE with Her Spirit, link your favorite tracker or the STRAVA app, and you’re set!
  • Run Solo or Invite Friends: Choose to enjoy your 10K (6.2 miles) journey alone or with pals using our handy invite feature.
  • Run or Walk, Your Choice: Whether you sprint or stroll, finish anytime before 1 PM.
  • Earn Rewards & Points:Track your journey to unlock exclusive post-event goodies and boost your Her Spirit level.
  • Remember the Timing:Start your run/walk after 10 AM and finish before 1 PM to make it count!

Challenge includes:

FREE Entry to the VOOM X Her Spirit Women’s 10K when you sign up FREE to Her Spirit. Plus:

  • Full access to the Her Spirit app with 1 month free upgrade to Her Spirit Premium. (no credit card needed)
  • Opportunity to bag the Official event t-shirt (Purchase needed)
  • Unlock post event rewards and fitness points for all finishers.
  • Snap your way to victory with VOOM’s photo contest! Win a whole year of Her Spirit Premium membership on us, plus a treasure trove of VOOM goodies. Enter now for your chance to grab this fabulous prize!


Get set for a burst of fun with the VOOM X Her Spirit Women’s Virtual 10K on May 5th!

Plus, unlock the entire Her Spirit app experience! Dive into our challenges, virtual events, live classes, and coaching plans.

Join our vibrant groups – no credit card required. Just adventure awaits!