HUUB Tour de Her Spirit

Fun, friendly and inclusive way to get fitter, stronger and healthier.

Who is this challenge for?

HUUB Tour de Her Spirit is suitable for all levels from those just starting out to experienced cyclists.

HUUB Tour de Her Spirit 

Join our inclusive and supportive community of women taking on the HUUB Tour de Her Spirit. It’s all about having some fun and getting fitter as you go.  All you need is a static bike or turbo trainer and access to the internet.

If you use Zwift you can also join our Her Spirit event. Tour dates are:

Fridays – 18:30-20:00pm

19th November 21

17th December 21

21st January 22

25th February 22

18th + 19th March 22 (2-stages)

Join LIVE on ZWIFT and/or Zoom

Login to the Her Spirit community to sign up today!

Challenge includes:

– Entry to HUUB Tour de Her Spirit

– Access to Her Spirit Ride Live on Zwift

– Access to the Her Spirit Zoom group to chat as you ride

– 2 x Her Spirit Cycle Live coached sessions each week

– Dedicated cycling community within the Her Spirit platform

– Digital badges for each Tour you take part in.

– Rewards for taking part and improving your fitness over the 6 tours.

– Chance to win HUUB Rider of the Month and a goody bag

How to join

– Join as a Her Spirit Premium Member and start now!

– You must have access to a static exercise bike or turbo trainer

– Sign up for  a 7-day Zwift free trial. Free for the whole event if you sign up using a PC/MAC

HUUB Tour de Her Spirit

(Live Zwift & Zoom) 

(for all Premium Members)


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