HUUB Tour de Her Spirit

Fun, friendly and inclusive way to get fitter, stronger and healthier over the winter.

Who is this challenge for?

HUUB Tour de Her Spirit is our winter cycling challenge and suitable for all levels from those just starting out to experienced cyclists.

Make this a winter to remember by getting fitter and stronger with our iconic winter cycling challenge.  Join hundreds of women taking part in the HUUB Tour de Her Spirit, get expert weekly coaching and accumulate weekly cycling minutes with the Her Spirit peloton and resident cycle coach Michelle Sharland. We will top off the winter training in April 2022 with a virtual Her Spirit outdoor ride challenge to test your new found fitness.  You will be able to choose between a 25 mile, 50 mile, 75 mile or 100 mile ride. Together we will get stronger for longer!

Challenge includes:

  • Ride, Challenge or Conquer the 6 Stage Tour de Her Spirit with our guest riders Helen Jenkins and Neah Evans
  • Take part in twice weekly coached turbo/static bike training sessions (live or on playback so you never miss a thing)
  • Accumulate ride minutes each week and gain rewards from HUUB and High 5.
  • Live streamed and playback Yoga and Strength for cyclists
  • Get direct advice and support (kit, setup, nutrition, strategy etc) from our team of expert cycle coaches.

Oil those chains, find that fan, bring out those disco lights ahead of the biggest indoor cycling-fest yet!  Each HUUB Tour de Her Spirit will have a special well known guest rider with a chance to chat and ask questions. You can join these fab events LIVE on ZWIFT and/or Zoom.

Together we will build strength, cycling endurance and form some great friendships just in time for Spring.

It’s all about having some fun and getting fitter as you go.  All you need is a static bike or turbo trainer and access to the internet.

If you use Zwift you can also join our weekly coached group rides as well as each stage of the Tour:

Fridays – 18:30-20:00pm

19th November 21

17th December 21

21st January 22

25th February 22

18th + 19th March 22 (2-stages)

Sign up and get access to:

– Twice weekly 45 min LIVE streamed turbo cycle sessions

– Access to Weekly Her Spirit Ride Live on Zwift

– 45 min Yoga for cyclists LIVE streamed weekly

– 45 min Strength for cycling LIVE streamed weekly

– Entry to HUUB Tour de Her Spirit + digital badges

– Entry to the virtual Cycle Challenge April 22

– Live Q&A sessions with our special Tour guest riders

– Dedicated cycling community within the Her Spirit

– Collect weekly ride minutes and get rewards

– Downloadable progress chart with top tips to record your weekly minutes

– Collect ride minutes and help gift free Premium memberships*

– Chance to win HUUB Rider of the Month and a goody bag

– High 5 water bottle and Zero electrolytes – all you pay is postage.

How to join

– Join as a Her Spirit Premium Member and start now!

– Use code TDHS21 and 50% off monthly premium for 5 months.

– You must have access to a static exercise bike or turbo trainer

– Sign up for  a 7-day Zwift free trial. Free for the whole event if you sign up using a PC/MAC

* Her Spirit works with community partners to gift premium memberships to women who cant afford it.

HUUB Tour de Her Spirit

(Live Her Spirit, Zwift & Zoom) 

(for all Premium Members)

Find out more about Premium Membership

Use code TDHS21 and 50% off monthly premium for 5 months. (Redeemed via web only)

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