6-Week Learn to Fuel

Learn to Fuel for health and happiness in just 6-weeks with our expert Fuel Coach Jesse Lambert-Harden.

Our 6-week Learn to Fuel programme is designed to help you understand nutrition and take the confusion out of how to eat more healthily.

Working with our expert Fuel Coach Jesse you will learn simple rules that will not only transform your relationship with food but help you prepare healthy plates for you and the rest of the family.

Learn to Fuel isn’t a short term prescribed diet plan as we know they don’t work long term! At Her Spirit we do it differently.

We don’t count calories and we don’t subject members to cattle market weigh-ins. Rather we empower you to take control of your Fuel by giving you the knowledge, support and motivation to set achievable goals that serve you for the long term.

Our programme is totally flexible, you can do it any time, at your own pace and message Jesse directly for personal help and support.

You can also join our Fuel group for weekly inspiration, learn from others and access our library of recipes are all based on the healthy plate.  Our recipes give you the confidence to know you are eating a healthy plate of food every time and takes the pain out planning and preparation.

With an investment of just 30 minutes a week for 6-weeks you will transform how you eat and think about food.   We call it the best 30-minutes you will ever spend on your health!

Learn to Fuel

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Learn to Fuel has transformed my plate, my weight and my energy levels. Hunger, worry and even fear has disappeared. Jesse really shifted my mindset and together with fab recipes has transformed body and mind.

Marie - York

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