Swimming has always been important in my life and something I will never take for granted after the last couple of years

So here is my story ….

By Sarah Porter 

I used to teach swimming and have recently returned to teaching and coaching. I get so much joy from sharing my love of the water with others and seeing them progress and step out of their comfort zones.
Mostly it has brought me so many wonderful friends near and far. I know that I can always rely on a swimmy friend to share belly laughs, a big hug and share. Finding your tribe is so important and gives you a sense of belonging and being a warrior, and I can safely say I have found mine! 
Thank you so much for choosing me 🥰🥰
Im so grateful for the new opportunities I’ve had since being in the Her Spirit Community. 
When swimming through the winter, remember to swim YOUR swim – we are all different and have so many factors that will have an impact on our tolerance to cold. Please don’t be seduced by all the snowy and ice swimming pictures it is cold and you need to stay safe.  
Always swim with other people or have a spotter with you – layout your kit in the order you will put it back on. Wrap your clothes in a hot water bottle and layer up – I always look like a Michelin man! 
If you want to wear a wetsuit – wear one – if you are in skins you need to be extra careful – I love my Zoggs silver suit! You get the same benefit from 2 minutes as 20 so you do you xx 

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