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The Her Spirit community has been a great support during my swimming journey

So here is my story …. By Nicola Edson – Januarys Swim Secure Winter Swim Challenge Swimmer of the month I started open-water swimming in 2021.  Initially, I went on an introductory course just to get a little bit more comfortable with the water as I was doing a lot of paddleboarding but had started […]

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Her Spirit isn’t just about open water swimming motivation

So here is my story …. By Chris Onion – December Swim Secure Winter Swim Challenge Swimmer of the month I’m quite surprised to be nominated for December as there are so many swimmers doing such inspiring stuff, and I feel quite chuffed. The Her Spirit winter swim challenge motivates me to get in to […]

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Swimming has always been important in my life and something I will never take for granted after the last couple of years

So here is my story …. By Sarah Porter  I used to teach swimming and have recently returned to teaching and coaching. I get so much joy from sharing my love of the water with others and seeing them progress and step out of their comfort zones.   Mostly it has brought me so many […]

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I was new to swimming during the pandemic having lessons in a pool.

So here is my story …. By Deborah Scott  The winter swim challenge gave me a focus to carry on swimming through the winter. I’ve not missed a week swimming since July 2021. I swam twice a week through the winter.  When I’m open water swimming it’s my quiet head time. No head noise, no […]

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