Amy’s channel swim challenge

Ali and I joined Her Spirit in 2021 when we heard about the End to End Chillswim group.

I was a novice and got whiplash on my first attempt at swimming any sort of distance in front crawl!

I was instantly impressed by the level of support and encouragement from the group to chase big dreams, and to go for things ever so slightly outside our comfort zones.

The weekly pool sessions were brilliant at keeping me accountable and slowly building up the miles and technique.

We completed the Chillswim Triple Crown (Coniston, Ullswater and Windermere) last year (previously unthinkable!!) and instantly felt there was more to explore.

This year we decided to cross the English Channel as part of a relay team, the biggest, scariest challenge yet.

We hope to raise funds to re-open our local lido as part of Save Grange Lido appeal, a place where we long to swim and share our love for swimming with others.

Thanks so much to the Her Spirit community, each one of you inspires me in so many ways.

We set off at 8.30am on Friday 15th September.


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