When your mum tells you that she has breast cancer and than takes the family to the pantomime!

By Becky Davies

Her news really hit the family hard as she had always taken her health very seriously and kept physically fit and she was the last person you would think could ever be affected by the disease but she was!

I have been inspired by Her Spirit to take up the Lakes to London challenge and help raise awareness and funds to beat breast cancer.The research that saved my mum then has continued, increased and improved substantially to get us to the point now where it is incredible to understand that ‘Breast Cancer Now’ predict by 2050 all women diagnosed with breast cancer will live.

My mums news devastated the family but she held us all together by being so strong and able to cope with the treatment because she was so fit and active.I don’t believe she would be with us today if she had not been in good shape physically because she would not have been offered a new drug trial then that saved her life.On top of that she received chemotherapy and radiotherapy that really pushed her body’s resilience to the limit.

It could easily have been a different story but my mum defied the life span she was predicted which was first a year and then five years and then ten years.She has continued to battle with health but has always exercised daily and met her challenges with strong mental and physical determination.

Being physically active leads to a healthier and happier life. People who exercise regularly reduce the risk of developing disease such as cancer but also many other long-term conditions. Keeping your mind healthy is just as important and a variety of enjoyable activities stimulates positive mental health and well-being.

I love walking everyday which is something we can all achieve and I also keep fit with horse riding, refereeing rugby union, playing golf and challenging myself with the occasional triathlon!

So when I saw the Her Spirit Lakes to London event I was immediately inspired to sign up and join the effort to raise awareness and funds for this really important cause. It’s fantastic that you can join in virtually,share it with others and even set up your own team knowing that everyone will feel a big part of the event.
If you are looking for an incentive to get active then this is it …..supported by Her Spirit you will reach your goal, inspire others to reach theirs ,raise funds and feel fantastic just doing it!

Becky is playing a key part in the Her Spirit’s Lakes to London 500KM challenge  which is aiming to raise £100,000 for Breast Cancer Now. You can sign up too and join her Lakes to London

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