I can officially call myself a triathlete. Something I never thought I would here myself say

By Drisna Gorasia

My love for swimming, cycling and running finally came together and flowed so well on the day of the London triathlon. 

My journey started post having my second child. I was sent an email by my husband to win free entry to the the London triathlon sponsored by herspririt and to my surprise I actually won. I didn’t feel mentally or physically ready for the challenge ahead. 

I was planning to go for the super sprint but opted for the sprint with the encouragement of my husband and I’m so thankful that I pushed myself and was clearly more capable than I gave myself credit for.

The training was slow going at first. I didn’t pressurise myself with a fixed programme as I knew with two little kids that was never going to work. I did give myself a realistic target for the week and I adapted the training programme on the her spirit app to suit my needs. There were some great cycling and yoga sessions that helped me, along with swimming videos to help improve my technique. I am very grateful to the coaches for posting such amazing content on a regular basis. 

My husband and son accompanied to the event, I was so nervous I barely uttered a sentence on the journey to the excel. The nerves kicked in even more when I got there as I felt I was surrounded by super fit triathletes. I felt like the only one who was underprepared and nervous. My biggest fear was not being able to finish the triathlon and running out of time. My wave started at 13.10pm and the event finished at roughly 16.30pm. I was hoping I would finish in 3 hours but was worried I would miss the cut off. 

As I went up to rack my bike I met some lovely ladies who helped calm me down and as I waited in the swim transition I realised I wasn’t the only nervous one. There were so many other women who had never done a triathlon. I tried to shift the nerves but couldn’t. I focused on my breathing and told myself to relax and enjoy the race. 

The nerves melted away as soon as I started the swim. It was like a weight lifted off my shoulders. I absolutely loved it. The swim was my favourite part. The weather started to peak up to 26 degrees but it didn’t bother me too much on the bike. Once I got off the bike and onto the run that’s where I struggled the most with the heat. 

However I kept going like all the other triathletes encouraging people on the way and having the same support right back. The crowd was amazing and seeing my son just gave me an automatic boost of energy. Loved seeing him and my husband faces along the way. 

After counting down the kilometres I finally reached the finishing line, and what a euphoric moment it was. I was absolutely buzzing and felt on top of the world ready for my next challenge. 

It was also so refreshing to see other fellow Asian women competing in the sport. I have somehow managed to convince a few of my fellow family, friends and work colleagues to try the relay races for next year as a taster. 

I hope this blog at least reaches out to a few other women and gives them the confidence to book something and go for things they feel are too far out of their reach. 

Thank you for giving me the encouragement I needed to go for it!!

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