Her Spirit Unleashes the Power of Open Water with NOWCA!


We are thrilled to announce our exciting collaboration with NOWCA, an organisation dedicated to promoting health and wellness through the exhilarating sport of open-water swimming. As the largest network of safe open-water swimming venues in the UK, NOWCA proudly showcases over 40 breathtaking locations nationwide, attracting a vibrant community of 45,000 passionate members.

NOWCA has already made significant strides in open-water swimming, with over 60% of its members being women, and its membership base continues to grow year after year. Our shared dedication to encouraging more like-minded women to engage in sports makes our partnership a no-brainer. Expanding our joint audience means we can expedite our mission to build a more active, healthier, and fairer world together, supported by an extraordinary community of like-minded women.

It means all Her Spiriters will get 15% off swim prices at participating venues.

Over the past decade, NOWCA has played a pivotal role in expanding access to open water locations, making them safer and more inclusive for a diverse range of individuals. Safety is at the heart of their mission as they equip venues with cutting-edge systems and advanced training to elevate standards and prioritize the well-being of staff and visitors. Remarkably, NOWCA generously offers these invaluable services to venues at no cost, truly embodying their commitment to fostering a secure environment for all.

Beyond being a system provider, NOWCA thrives as a close-knit community of like-minded individuals who share an unwavering love for the open water. Their integrated system not only optimizes venue operations but also empowers them to embrace programs that promote health and fitness through swimming. From the thrilling free NOWCA Swims and exhilarating Splash+Dash events during the summer to the invigorating Sub10 Club during the winter, NOWCA offers exciting opportunities for swimmers of all skill levels to embrace an active and rejuvenating lifestyle.

Rick Kiddle, the visionary founder and CEO of NOWCA, emphasizes their dedication to open water safety and community building, stating, “Venues and swimmers trust us when it comes to open water safety. Through collaborative efforts with local authorities, water owners, and partners, we strive to expand access to safer locations across the nation. Whether it’s a lake, estuary, river, or beach, we are committed to empowering everyone to revel in the joys of open water swimming.”

By joining NOWCA, you not only unlock an extraordinary world of open water experiences but also gain access to a host of exceptional benefits. For a mere £15 annual fee (equivalent to just £1.25 per month!), members enjoy a plethora of advantages. These include access to over 40 safe and picturesque open water venues, a free ACTiO app for seamless account management and bookings, insurance coverage for personal accidents and injuries, educational resources to enhance open-water knowledge and skills, and exclusive NOWCA Perks that offer enticing discounts from top brands—where you can even snag an exclusive deal from us!

A significant portion of the membership fee is reinvested into the industry, enabling NOWCA to further its safety initiatives while supporting venues in minimizing overhead costs. This commitment helps keep session prices affordable for members, contributing to a flourishing open-water community dedicated to safety and well-being.

Together with NOWCA, we embark on a journey to unlock a world of health, wellness, and adventure, where open water awaits with boundless opportunities. 

NOWCA Swim (April – Sept)

NOWCA Swim is a free summer event for NOWCA members, hosted at participating venues across the UK. If you’ve never tried open-water swimming before, this is the perfect opportunity to do so! This free event attracts a host of seasoned swimmers as well as introduces new swimmers to the sport. Open to all NOWCA members and most importantly all swimming abilities. 

  • Complete the 400m course within 30 minutes in one of three waves – Chill, Challenge or Sprint. 
  • All swim times are captured in your stats on our ACTiO app so you can try to improve on it each week.
  • You can also check your performance on our NOWCA Swim Leaderboard.

Splash+Dash (April – Sept)

Splash+Dash meshes two of the most popular sports together – opening water swimming and running! Hosted at participating venues across the UK, this event is the perfect way to meet others who enjoy swim runs as much as you do!

  • The courses will vary at each venue, but the concept is the same – start with an open water swim and finish with a long-distance run.
  • All swim times are captured in your stats on our ACTiO app so you can try to improve on it each week.
  • Splash+Dash Leaderboard is coming soon.

Sub10 Club (Oct – Mar)

NOWCA’s Sub10 Club is a friendly community of open water swimmers of all abilities and experience levels, gathering to share their enjoyment of cold water swimming. As cold water becomes more popular, so has the Sub10 Club with over 13,000 swims completed in the last Winter season. When you swim at a participating Sub10 venue and the water temperature dips below 10°C, we will add a Sub10 swim to your tally on the scoreboard

  • It’s free to join – you must be a NOWCA member and swim at a participating venue to participate in this club.
  • When the water temperature falls below 10°C for your swim, a tally will automatically be added to the Sub10 scoreboard on their website.
  • Reach a milestone in either the wetsuit or skins category (10, 25, 50 or 100+ swims) to receive a special Sub10 Club badge.

To sign up as a NOWCA member, simply download their free ACTiO app or visit their website 

How to join the Her Spirit Club:
  1. Log into your account ONLINE – https://kscan.co/login?org=nowca
  2. Select CLUB LISTINGS in top menu
  3. Select HER SPIRIT from the club list
  4. Apply for Membership
  5. Once approved, you will get an email confirmation. 
  6. Club members will automatically access the discounted prices/offers when you book the OPEN WATER SWIMMING activity on the ACTiO app.

Find out more about NOWCA and their safe open water swimming venues at: https://nowca.org/ and find a venue near you 

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