Her Spirit Together Podcast talks to Four time Olympic Medalist Rebecca Adlington OBE about motherhood, social media and the body conscious age we live.

In this candid podcast, Becky talks openly about being a mother for the first time and the instant guilty you feel when you do something for yourself. “I don’t understand why we do that as mums? It’s so hard to balance being a mum and I have learnt I have to look after myself. Exercise and a healthy lifestyle is so important. It makes me a better parent.”

Becky gives a rare insight into how she really felt post the Beijing Olympics and the criticism she received about her body shape. “ Your ugly, your fat, you look like a whale” I wasn’t trying to be a super model I was an Olympic swimmer. I was only 19 years old which is a difficult time for any young girl or young women. It was so unexpected. I didn’t coupe with it and I still don’t understand it. I learnt to block it out.”

The turning point for Becky was was becoming a mum. She talks about learning to love and accept her body and why it has taken me to 30 years old to accept herself and why she is very careful about what i say in front of my daughter.

Becky shares her views about social media and the culture we have created around diet and fitness. “Everyone wants an easy route to everything.You can’t just take a tablet or drink this tea and become a size 10. You won’t get there by taking short cuts. It’s a long game and all about living a healthy lifestyle. It’s not about eating lettuce it’s about balance and enjoying life.”