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Top tips to fuel your activity

By Coach Jesse   At Her Spirit we are passionate about encouraging more women to become active.  Our latest challenge, Lakes to London, sees Mel and Holly take on 500km over three days combining swimming, cycling and running over only 3 days! Needless to day, the ladies have had to focus on upping their fuelling […]

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Most of us, at some point in our lives, have seen the pain that cancer causes

By Rachel Fletcher Whether it’s our mum, nan, partner or friend, the tragic news that someone has been diagnosed is hard to bear. Thankfully, I consider myself lucky not to have had cancer. My motivation to take on the 500k Lakes to London is because I’ve experienced the loss of people I love, and the […]

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The importance of strength training for women by Elle Linton

Her Spirit Coach Elle Linton talks about why strength training is important for every woman no matter your age or stage of life As I write this article, we’re currently in week 5 of the inaugural Her Spirit challenge – Couch2Kilos. Couch2Kilos is a free strength challenge designed to help EVERY woman get stronger in […]

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How to get stronger in 5 minutes a day

Have you got five minutes a day? Mel Young, Her Spirit Strength Coach, explains how you can use that time to get stronger. Since I can remember, I have always been strong. Even as a child, I was stronger than  other girls – and most of the boys! I was athletic, could run fast, throw […]

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