Her Spirit 10K Run Challenge

Take on a 10K Run Challenge.

If you have never taken on a 10K before or not sure how to train for one then this is the challenge for you.

There are numerous physical and mental health benefits of running and our challenge is designed to support and encourage as many women as possible to take on a 10K in 10 weeks.

How does it work?

  • Join Her Spirit as Core member
  • Join our virtual 10K coaching group
  • Navigate to the Running Section within the app.
  • Start your 10-week running challenge
  • Enter the Her Spirit virtual 10K  at the end of the 10-weeks and bag your finishers medal.

Challenge includes:

  • Her Spirit 10-week 10K training plan
  • Access to the Her Spirit virtual 10k run group and meet other women taking part
  • Get weekly advice and motivation from the Her Spirit  coaching  team
  • Direct message a Her Spirit coach for advice and support
  • LIVE and PLAYBACK yoga, pilates and strength classes for running
  • Enter the Her Spirit 10K virtual event via the app

Simply choose which way suits you, it's easy to join Her Spirit

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