Her Spirit – Try A Tri – Meet Drisna

Hi everyone my name is Drisna. I am a mum of two young boys and work as a dentist part time. I have always loved sports and was a keen football and badminton player up until a knee injury (ACL tear) a couple years ago when I had to come to terms with playing less contact sports which involved lateral movements. 

I have individually swam, ran and cycled on many occasions and during my travels to Australia completed my first ever super sprint triathlon back in 2015 with my husband. He’s a keen triathlete and have watched him compete on many occasions and was always intrigued to see if I had it in me to complete one. It was completely random and was booked on the day. I somehow got through it as I couldn’t swim very well and luckily they let me do back stroke for most of the swim 🙈.

I joined Her Spirit a couple months ago and have found it to be an incredible platform that can help motivate women like me who always find some sort of excuse to get going. I had my second child in January and felt like I needed to do something for myself. I needed a challenge and also mentally wanted to prove to myself that I hadn’t lost my identity. I joined up for the Hatch End Super Sprint triathlon and started to try and focus and do some training. 

I had many time restraints as I was breast feeding constantly and had to work around my husbands work schedule and my toddler. I decided to set up the bike on the turbo trainer in the garden and took my little one along in the buggy to a few park run sessions. Also managed a swim session a week whilst my wonderful mum watched the little one.

At first it was difficult but I found a routine that worked for me. I tried not to put too much pressure on myself and went with the flow and listened to my body as I was aware my body was still healing.  I connected with another mum on Her Spirit who was in a similar life situation as me. She gave me some tips and advice on working on my core and pelvic floor exercises.

The classes and coaches on the Her Spirit are really great including all the content and the triathlon plans. Everyone is super friendly and encouraging and only a message away. Reading some of the incredible posts some of the ladies put on the group is all the motivation I needed to help me to get up and moving. 

I am hoping to do another triathlon over the summer and maybe give someone the motivation and inspiration to enter one too. It’s daunting when you book it and have no confidence, but it’s mentally so rewarding when you finish.