Challenges and Live Virtual Event FAQ's

We are delighted to welcome to to a Her Spirit Challenge or Live Virtual Event. Here you will find a series of FAQ’s and help for the most common issues.

I have signed up for a Challenge or Live Virtual Event. Why do I need to connect a tracker?
By using a tracker watch or free app we can track your activity minutes, times and distances. This allows us to verify your entries on the Challenge Boards and Live Virtual event results list.

I don’t have a smartwatch can I still take part?
Yes! Download free apps Strava or GoogleFit and use these to track your activity.

I have connected my tracker but my data hasn’t been added to the Challenge Board or Live Virtual Event Results list. 
It can take several hours for data to be passed to us and added to the Boards or Results lists.  We rely on fitness tracker apps and wearable providers (Garmi, Polar etc) to pass us the data.  We request this every 15 minutes.  If you connect more than one tracker this could slow the data being added to the Boards and Results List.   Please be aware that STRAVA can be extremely slow in passing us your data. This can be frustrating however it will eventually arrive.  If 24 hours have passed and your data still hasn’t been added then please see some of our other FAQ’s on how to fix this issue.

How do the Live Virtual Events work?

  • When you sign up for a live virtual event you are added to the start list.
  • You must start your activity after the event start time.
  • Any activity started before or after the event start and finish time won’t count.
  • All virtual events have to be tracked. This includes all walking events. Passively collected steps do not count.
  • Ensure your route covers the full distance. If your tracker device falls short, we’ll assume you haven’t reached the virtual finish line.
  • We recommend always going a little over the target distance to ensure you don’t inadvertently fall short.
  • Allow time for your results to be added to the results page especially if you are using STRAVA, as it may take up to 24 hours.

How do Challenges work?
Challenges work in a similar way to Live Virtual Events.  Challenges tend to be run over several days, weeks or months rather than hours.

  • When you sign up for a challenge you are added to the Challenge Board
  • You must record an activity for your data to be added to the Board.
  • All walking challenges have to be tracked. This includes all walking events. Passively collected steps do not count.
  • We have a variety of different types of single and multi-activity challenges.  These challenges focus on minutes and distance rather than the fastest times.
  • For some challenges, we cap the goal and encourage reaching the goal. For others, you can set your target. We offer a variety of options to keep motivation levels high.
  • Allow time for your tracked activities to be added to the results page especially if you are using STRAVA, as it may take up to 24 hours

Do I get rewarded for completing a Challenge or Live Virtual Event?
Yes! We offer a variety of rewards to congratulate you on taking part and meeting your target.  As a Her Spirit member you gain considerable points towards your HealthHUB score and this allows you to unlock levels and more rewards.

Why do you ask for my postcode and ethnicity details when I sign up?
We can offer many of these challenges and live virtual events for free because we have received public funding. We collect postcode and ethnicity data so we can report back to funders on how much reach we are getting and how ethnically diverse we are.

In addition, if you have signed up for the Her Spirit app we also use this data to help members find other like-minded women near them who are also running, swimming and cycling.  We know a big issue for women is finding someone to be active with and wanting to be active with others to feel safer.  Postcode data will be used to show matches of people ‘near you’. Data won’t be shared in the app and we won’t be any more specific than “Near you”.
Do you share any of this data with funders or third parties?
We NEVER share or sell your postcode, ethnicity or any data you share with us directly with funders or third parties.
All data we collect is anonymised if it is used in reports.

Why do I get a weekly HealthHUB email telling me how active I have been?
The Her Spirit is a pioneering way to help support and motivate women to become fitter, stronger and healthier.  Our female-centred health and fitness algorithm helps you increase your fitness over time and progress through the Her Spirit fitness levels by entering challenges and tracking your activity, mood, food, sleep and stress.  With a weekly health report, you will be able to understand your health and fitness over time and get helpful hints and tips on how to stay on track.

70% of our members say they are more active since joining Her Spirit and find our community-based challenges and live-streamed classes a great way to be motivated. Our primary goal is to help women reach 150 minutes of activity and 60 minutes of strength-based exercises per week.

Can I switch the weekly HealthHUB emails off?
Yes, you can. Just log back into your Challenge Dashboard via the email we sent you. You will see a cog in the top right of the screen. Click on these and you can switch them off.

I have switched the HealthHUB emails off but I am still getting emails from you.  How can I switch the off? 
Simply click unsubscribe at the bottom of the email and you will be unsubscribed from future emails.

Why can’t I see the HealthHUB? 
The Health HUB is exclusive to Her Spirit members and can be found by downloading the Her Spirit app from Apple or Google App Stores.  You can try Her Spirit Free for 30 days and once signed up you can view the HealthHUB and start to earn points for every minute of activity you complete. Your points accumulate daily, weekly and monthly and contribute to your overall fitness level.  The more you do the more levels and rewards you can unlock!  For each level achieved, you are assigned a badge and name. Once connected you will start at Level 0 – Starter.

What is included in the points-scoring system?
– ten points for each minute of activity achieved
– ten points for each day you are active for more than 30mins
– twenty points for each minute of strength
– one hundred points for each challenge you enter
– five hundred points for each challenge you complete
– ten points for tracking daily your mood, food, stress, sleep
– Multi points for watching livestreams, posting, commenting and liking posts

What trackers or devices can I connect?
You can connect the following devices directly with Her Spirit:

  • Garmin
  • Polar
  • Fitbit
  • More coming soon..

For all other devices (including Apple and Samsung Watches) please connect via the following free apps:

  • Strava – please note that Strava can be slow to update. This can cause delays of several hours for your Health Hub, and challenge of live virtual events to be updated.
  • GoogleFit – We would recommend GoogleFit as this generally has a faster update than Strava.

Can I still use the Health Hub if I don’t have a watch to track my activity?
Yes, you can use either Strava or GoogleFit to track your activity sessions. Both apps are free to download and use.
We would recommend Strava in the first instance as it is more reliable than GoogleFit.
Both Strava and GoogleFit allow you to manually add sessions and can be faster to send us your data.

How long after finishing my activity will I see my data in the HealthHUB?
You can expect to see your data soon after if you have one tracker connected to the HealthHUB.
If you have more than one tracker connected then it can take several hours for the data to reach the HUB.
We would recommend connecting one tracker in the first instance.
If you have a tracker that can connect directly i.e. Fitbit, Garmin, or Polar we would recommend you use this only.

I can’t see my latest activity in the HealthHUB of my challenges of live virtual events. 
If you can’t see your activities in the Health Hub you may need to check the following:

– Check to ensure your tracker is still connected. You can do this by navigating to the Health Hub page and clicking on the watch icon on the top right.
– Check your data has been synced with your tracker app i.e. Garmin Connect, Strava. If it isn’t then it won’t reach us.
– Wait up to a day to check that the data isn’t delayed.
– Please be aware that the data can take several hours to populate.
– Data should update quickly if you have one tracker connected.

Please note that we are reliant on the data being synced and passed to us by your activity tracker.
The time it takes can vary from tracker to tracker and their processing systems.

My data has synced on my watch or Free App but isn’t showing in the HealthHUB/Challenge or Live Virtual Event

Unfortunately, there are occasions where Garmin, Polar, Fitbit, Strava or Google Fit don’t pass us your data.  We know this can be super frustrating and have put measures in place to keep requesting the data.  However, there may be occasions when we can’t rectify this.  If you would like to make this activity count in the HealthHUB/Challenge or Live Virtual event then we suggest you re-add this activity manually.   You can do this via your tracker app. Be sure to add the correct date, time and distance.  Be aware that we do not accept any new data 12 hours after the end of a Live Virtual Event.

My tracker didn’t record a session. Can I manually add my minutes?
You can add missing minutes manually by using either Strava or GoogleFit apps. You can also manually add activities to Garmin, Polar and Fitbit apps

I don’t seem to be able to connect my tracker
If you are having issues with connecting a tracker then please follow the helpful tips for each tracker.

– Open the Her Spirit Health Hub and click on the watch icon
– Disconnect Strava
– Log in to Strava on the web (not the Strava app) and go to My Apps.
– Check to make sure Her Spirits isn’t showing as a connection
– If Her Spirit is showing as a connection please revoke the access.
– Log out of Strava on the web and also make sure you are logged out on the app.
– Once that is all done. Try connecting again with Strava in the HS app.

– Open the Her Spirit Health Hub and click on the watch icon
– Disconnect GoogleFit
– Open the GoogleFit app and go to the profile
– Click on the cog (top right)
– Click on Manage Connected apps
– Disconnect from Her Spirit and or/Wefitter
– Log out of your Google fit app
– Once all is done. Try connecting again with GoogleFit in the HS app.

Garmin/Polar or Fitbit
– Open the Her Spirit Health Hub and click on the watch icon
– Disconnect your tracker
– Open your tracker app and go to settings
– You will need to find the section with all your connected apps
– In your connected apps section disconnect from Her Spirit and or/Wefitter
– Log out of your tracker app
– Once all is done. Try connecting again within the HS app.

I have tried to resolve my issue but I am still having problems with my connections and data transfer
If are still having issues then please email us