Former British No. 1 professional tennis player and TV presenter Annabel Croft talks to Annie and Louise about life on the tennis circuit growing up, retiring in her early twenties and moving into TV and the importance of being active and eating well.

Despite her potential and being amongst the world’s top 25 players, Croft retired from professional tennis at the age of only twenty-one, tired of the relentless travel and feeling she no longer enjoyed playing.

Since retiring as a Tennis player in 1988, Annabel  moved into the Television world starting with Survivor on Channel 4 and Treasure Hunt. Since then she has worked on numerous light entertainment shows and documentaries and had a blast.

Her focus in more recent times has been covering the Women’s and Mens Tennis Tour on Eurosport, Sky TV and BBC. Watching and working on Live Sport and interviewing the top players all over the globe . It’s her dream job and one she is passionate about.

Nutrition is a huge part of health and Wellbeing and having been quite a “chubby teenager” she has learned what works for her to stay fit and healthy. Annabel love’s good food and thinks it’s one of the real pleasures of life. .

Annabel talks to Annie and Louise about the importance of being active and eating well.

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