Endurance runner Susie Chan talks to Annie and Louise about her love of running, overcoming thyroid Cancer and her advice for every woman to have her best year yet.

Susie has taken on races of all distances from 1 mile to 100 miles. It’s been 10 years since I started running. It’s something I love. You’ll find me frequently on the running scene, especially ultra marathon.

Races have included running the Marathon des Sables more times than any other UK female, breaking a 12 hour treadmill World Record in 2016 and enjoying running in some of the hottest places on earth.

As well as the long races you’ll find Susie at local races, half marathons and marathons including finishing all of the World Marathon Majors.

Lucky enough to be named and “the number 1 runner to follow on Instagram” by Runners World, and the Evening Standard, she has been on the cover of Runners World, Women’s running and featured in Athletics Weekly and other publications.

Susie overcame Thyroid Cancer in 2017 and she talks to Louise and Annie about her battle. After Marathon des Sables she had a terrible cough. After a course of antibiotics it shifted. Presuming it was likely to be inhaled sand in her lungs, she thought nothing more. Fast forward to Chicago Marathon, and her cough had returned, this time far, far worse.

Susie passed out at the finish line (six start medal still around her neck) this time, worried about it being something worse, she called the doctors. Doctors found a large tumour in her neck, and quite a shock to Susie.  It was mighty impressive too, over 5cm. She lost half her thyroid with it. A histology report told us the lump as cancer.

Enjoy her podcast https://herspirit.buzzsprout.com/246767/6084973-endurance-runner-susie-chan-talks-to-annie-and-louise-about-her-love-of-running-overcoming-thyroid-cancer-and-her-advice-for-every-woman-to-have-her-best-year-yet