Coach Sharon’s journey to a healthier life

Sharon Dosanjh is one of our cardio and strength coaches at Her Spirit – We love her journey over the last 

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step…..

So, before I start talking about my journey I would first like to celebrate everyone who is thinking about taking that first step and all those who are already on their journey.

My journey is no different from anyone else’s, it started with that same first step. Along the way I have had challenges and doubts, strengths and celebrations, but the most important thing has always been to keep moving forward.

Before I started my journey, I didn’t really understand the importance of fitness and its impact on physical and mental wellbeing. I was unfit and unhealthy, I made poor lifestyle choices which included an inactive lifestyle and overeating. I was overweight, unfit, had poor breathing and low energy levels.

The impact of my lifestyle didn’t just stop at affecting me physically, it also affectedmy mental wellbeing. I had low confidence, lack of self-esteem and low motivation. It became a vicious cycle.

Whilst it always takes a first step, it is important to know that those starting steps can be difficult. For me it was a hard journey to break out of that cycle and my progress was slow and gradual, but that is OK. Rome wasn’t built in a day. The journey is one of continuous learning. I am still learning new things every day, sometimes I learn things from the individuals that I train and support!

I used to always wear a hat, it was my way of hiding away, from other people and also my own challenges. I was always the quiet one in the room, the one who wouldn’t swim and the one who was scared to go to a gym or exercise because I believed I couldn’t do it.

However, now I am travelling along in my journey, I honestly believe, that if I can do it anyone can do it!

As my journey progressed, seeing positive changes really helped to push me along. Seeing my posture and breathing improve, and my confidence increase helped me feel like I could continue to achieve more.

There were down points too, times when I felt like giving up or not continuing, but I was lucky to have a good support network to cheer me along during those difficult times. We all can do with support, and I am no different. It is a community like Her Spirit which helps motivate me to continue to achieve.

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