Claire Danson talks openly to Louise and Annie about her life over the last year. A cycling accident one year ago left her paralysed but her zest for life is still as strong. It’s a story of going from European champion to life in a wheelchair.

Triathlete Claire Danson, won the 30-34 age category at the European Championships in June 2019, she was paralysed following a cycling accident at the end of August 2019. Danson is the sister of England and Great Britain hockey player Alex Danson.

Claire was involved in a collision with a tractor while riding her bike. She suffered two punctured lungs, broke a finger, both wrists, the head of my humerus and both shoulders.

She also fractured all the bones in her neck, including a break to one, and had multiple fractures and breaks to every one of my ribs. Unfortunately, she suffered a complete sever to her spinal cord at T9, which means that she is paralysed from her belly button downwards.

Claire’s ask is for you to remember that she is still exactly the same person. She still has crazy hair and a mad laugh, she is still the clumsiest person you have ever met and she will still tell the most long winded yet entertaining stories. Her request is to please treat her as the same old Claire. Nothing has changed there.

Her sister Alex says Claire is the most resilient, hard working and inspiring person you will ever meet.

This podcast is so inspirational for anyone and her passion for life and laughing is phenomenal.

**This podcast was recorded on the 1 year anniversary of Claire’s accident.