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My Journey, My Health, My Strength

So here is my story …. By Shariefa England  In 2003, I moved to the UK with a fairly healthy weight. But adjusting to a new country, lifestyle and diet with four children, I reached my heaviest weight ever which left me feeling unhappy and unhealthy.  In 2010, I began to feel out of breath […]

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Having produced 4 children, weathered the perimenopause and survived the menopause my body was feeling rather worn and definitely underperforming

So here is my story …. By Sue Oates Add this to a sense of becoming an invisible middle aged woman and you have a combination which can be truly damaging to one’s self-esteem. Fortunately I was invited along to a boot camp and I went along for a laugh. I definitely laughed! Huffing and […]

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Why weight training is your fat loss friend

Her Spirit Lifestyle coach Jesse Lambert-Harden demystifies some oft he myths about weights and weight-loss. Lifting weights has often been avoided by women and the weights room at the gym dominated by men. Times have a changed a lot and more and more women are recognising the many benefits of resistance training including improved strength […]

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