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Boris, obesity and why we need to end our nations obsession with calorie counting

body | fuel | By Holly Woodford

Her Spirit Co-Founder Holly Woodford shares her story of calorie counting and why she thinks restrictive diets are not the answer. After decades of in-action Boris’s brush with Covid-19 has finally brought the nation’s physical and nutritional health to the top of the agenda. The launch of the Governments new Obesity Strategy has come with […]

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Her Spirit Partners with British Triathlon to support more women into Triathlon.

body | Triathlon | By Holly Woodford

In 2021, women new to the sport of triathlon will be looking to get healthier and happier through taking part at the AJ Bell World Triathlon Leeds through a partnership with Her Spirit and British Triathlon. With at least 50 women targeting the GO TRI for the first time, and numerous others through the Sprint […]

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Her Spirit Together Podcast talks to Four time Olympic Medalist Rebecca Adlington OBE about motherhood, social media and the body conscious age we live.

Mind | By Holly Woodford

In this candid podcast, Becky talks openly about being a mother for the first time and the instant guilty you feel when you do something for yourself. “I don’t understand why we do that as mums? It’s so hard to balance being a mum and I have learnt I have to look after myself. Exercise […]

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Mango Bikes gets behind Her Spirit pledging their support with every sale

body | Cycling | By Holly Woodford

Her Spirit has partnered with Mango Bikes to give every woman the opportunity to cycle and experience the benefits of being more active. Only one in three women choose cycling as a way to be more active, a stat that Her Spirit and Mango Bikes both want to change. The firm wants to support the […]

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