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My top tips for swimming safely in open water

Mel Berry – Co-Founder Her Spirit and Level 2 Coach As an indoor and outdoor swimming enthusiast it has been fantastic to witness the growth in open water swimming over the last few years. As Founder of Her Spirit, I am particularly pleased to see the rise in popularity for women. The recent trends report […]

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Why weight training is your fat loss friend

Her Spirit Lifestyle coach Jesse Lambert-Harden demystifies some oft he myths about weights and weight-loss. Lifting weights has often been avoided by women and the weights room at the gym dominated by men. Times have a changed a lot and more and more women are recognising the many benefits of resistance training including improved strength […]

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How to get stronger in 5 minutes a day

Have you got five minutes a day? Mel Young, Her Spirit Strength Coach, explains how you can use that time to get stronger. Since I can remember, I have always been strong. Even as a child, I was stronger than  other girls – and most of the boys! I was athletic, could run fast, throw […]

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Getting the nation moving. Why what got us here won’t get us there…

 Getting the nation moving. Why what got us here won’t get us there… It was 1995 and, aged 17 I spoke at one of the very first Women in Sport Conferences in Brighton. Full of youth, passion, hope and determination, I shared the story of a small group I was leading called Coaching Active for […]

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