Winter Swim Workshops

Find a local Winter Swim Workshops with Straight Line Swimming Coaches.

Winter Swim Workshops

These winter swimming workshops are for open water swimmers of all abilities and include both safety knowledge and a cold water immersion experience.
Each workshop will include all the safety knowledge for your local area as well as how to look out for and deal with hypothermia and cold water shock.
Your coach will also talk you through the best pre & post swim rituals to help you feel really confident to properly enjoy your winter swimming and the Winter Swim Challenge.

London – Beckenham – Kirsty Harper, Audrey Livingston & Debbie Croydon

12 December 2021

27 March 2022

London – Parliament Hill – Tracey Croggon (AKA BigT) & Gill Pick

2022 dates to be confirmed

Richmond on Thames  – Emma Richards 

1st January 2022

27th March 2022

Woburn – Emma MacDonald

2022 dates to be confirmed

Eastbourne – Dee Hamer

4th December

15th January 22

12th February 22

26th March 22

Gosport – Sarah Porter 

24 December

22 January 2022

19 February 2022

26 March 2022

Sidmouth – Debbie Fish

26th December 

1st January 22

27th March 22

Thurlestone – Julia Wingate

9am – 19th December

10am – 19th December 

9am – 2nd January 22

10am – 2nd January 

9am – 20th March 22

10am – 20th March 22

Swansea – Martin Alan Grey

27th March 22

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