Our Spirited Team

Her Spirit is designed to help you find the best approach to your own health and happiness.  Our app content, community, team of experts and partners will help to educate, guide and inspire you to set and achieve your own personal health goals.  Our app is designed to allow you to interact at your own pace and focus on the areas you feel most relevant to you at any given time.   Our aim is to create a wide team of experts and partners that will appeal to all types of community members and allow you to discover new and different ways to achieve things you never imagined possible. 

Our Team

Carey Munro- Davies
Founder - Eat, Nourish Flourish

Carey has had over 25 years experience in the field of health, fitness and wellbeing, both as Physical Education teacher, a Learning and Development expert and serial entrepreneur. Her wide ranging experience ranges from working with the UK’s biggest home food delivery business Ocado,( to provide content for them when they first launched the ‘healthy recipe’ area of their website,) to multi award winning product development, creating the UK’s first super food chocolate truffles. Carey now works as a Food Coach with amazing mums and corporates to empower people to build a healthier relationship with food for long term wellness. Also, a motivational speaker on the subject of optimum nutrition for children and teenagers. (Currently finishing her first book ‘You Can’t Have That, I Love You Too Much’. )

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Becks Armstrong
Founder - Clarity App

Becks is a degree educated women’s health specialist, with 20+ years senior leadership experience within UK tech startups. The combination of these skillsets has enabled Becks to create a comprehensive women’s health company, that has joined up thinking for both online and offline products. In 2017, Becks spotted a lack of real and substantive solutions for women going through peri-menopause and menopause. As a result, she created Clarity – a technology solution to improve women’s health through mindfulness, relaxation and sleep. The Clarity app features specific content and mindfulness practices for situations that may arise due to menopause like hot flushes, sleeplessness, night sweats and improving a low libido. Such exercises improve the quality of life for users – from better mental health, relationships to performance in the workplace.

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Caroline 'Inspired'
Founder - Caroline Inspired

Caroline is a Yoga Teacher and Personal Trainer. ‘Caroline Inspired’ was created from her love of yoga, fitness, wellness, meditation and taking care of herself. She left her job as a Primary School Teacher, followed her heart, and began ‘Caroline Inspired’ in January 2018. In her Yoga’ sessions she teaches modern based alignment yoga and focuses on healing and connecting with your body, mind and spirit as one. Yoga allows us to infuse more self-acceptance and self-love into our souls. As a result you destress, become more open and flexible as you begin to witness the incredible benefits throughout all aspects of your body and life.February 2019, I opened the ‘Caroline Inspired Studio’ in Nottingham – a welcoming space for you to nourish your beautiful body and mind.

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Indira Kennedy
Conscious Leadership

Indira was one of the first to speak about 'conscious' leadership. She is a leading development consultant, trained facilitator and speaker, and certified executive coach dedicated to global social transformation through self-directed leadership. ​Effective action is always Indira's goal. She has led national teams, created and coordinated a corporate publishing department, held senior management roles in an elite sporting agency and two non-profits, founded her own business, and given countless hours to voluntary work. In support of women's empowerment Indira co-founded a women's business network, developed an after school hours program and has authored a personal development book. Embracing the intellectual, Indira graduated with a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) majoring in psychology, and studied dance therapy with Marcia Leventhal, of New York. She is a trained fundraising consultant, developing relationship strategies for not-for-profit organisations, and raising millions of dollars for vital services. Her current study is in psycho-spiritual neurology.​​ Never one to shirk adventure to explore more of who she is at her core, Indira has meditated in ashrams, fire-walked with Anthony Robbins, trained in esoteric healing, studied astrology to diploma level, and art in Italy. She has devoted more than 30 years to living the practices of yoga as a powerful self-development system.​​

Karen Hunter
Her Spirit Nutritionist

Karen graduated from The University of Nottingham with a degree in nutrition. She is a mum of two children, Millie and Charlie. Her mantra is - I believe every woman has the right to be supported to achieve their dreams. Food should be enjoyable and fun and nutrition easy to get our heads around so we can make the best choices for us

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Sarah Cowell
Applied Triathlon - Sports Nutrition

Sarah's interest in sports nutrition began 10 years ago when training for her first marathon, realising that she needed to change her diet to match her increasing training load. Later she turned her attention to her husband (Jon) nutritional needs, supporting him in his Duathlon racing and training activities. Sarah is qualified to promote healthy eating for sports people at all levels of ability. She applies the principles of nutrition to support athlete goals as part of their training programme. She holds the Level 4 Certificate in Nutrition for Physical Activity and Sport, awarded by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH).


Martin Haines
Founder Brytespark

Martin is a highly regarded and experienced Biomechanics Coach and Chartered Physiotherapist with expertise in sports medicine, biomechanics and rehabilitation. He started working for the NHS, then he was head hunted to work for Arsenal FC and Crystal Palace FC before setting up his own clinic in London. Here he came to treat many of the world’s leading sports stars from the England rugby team to Olympic athletes, including many top-level amateur sportspeople, as well as the general public. After 10 years in the clinic he moved on to become the consultant to several sports/fitness/occupational health companies and worked with among others McLaren F1 Racing, the Irish Rugby team as well as the Police force and fire service. Martin is an honorary lecturer at Salford University and a consultant to pharmaceutical companies, Start-rite shoes, Scholl Foot care and Boots as well as being a member of the Medical Advisory Board to the PGA European Tour. Martin is a former Chairman of the UK Biomechanics Coaching Association, published author and lectures internationally. “It is an honour to be part of this passionate and very knowledgeable group who are creating an amazing experience for women all over the world.”


Caroline Martin
Founder Yoga Squad
& Her Spirit Coach

Caroline has worked in the fitness industry for over 25 years teaching many different styles of fitness classes. In 2014 she agreed to attend a hot yoga class in Nottingham with a friend. After the first session she was instantly hooked. Caroline started attending classes both before or after work and at the weekends to get her hot yoga fix and noticed the difference yoga made both physically and mentally. She became friends with all the yoga instructors and decided to take the next step and sign up to the 200hr Hot Power Yoga training with Dylan Ayaloo in Clapham, London. Caroline started teaching weekly yoga classes the day after completing the training in the Nottingham and Chesterfield areas and has continued to develop her yoga knowledge by completing Hands on Assisting, Forrest Yoga workshops and is now certified in both Aerial Yoga and Restorative Aerial. Since completing her initial training she has continued to deepen her yoga knowledge by supporting the delivery of the 200hr teacher training program with Dylan Ayaloo both inside and outside of the UK in her role of production manager. Yoga has been a major part of Caroline’s life, and the practice has helped her grow stronger and more flexible, both on and off the mat. She will always be a student of the practice and is deeply grateful for the knowledge her teachers have shared with her.

Charmaine Daley
Her Spirit Coach

Charm left the public sector working world 10 years ago after being made redundant for the 3rd time after having had her second baby. She then signed on for for her £72 a fortnight allowance, applied for jobs at McDonalds and struggled to feed her family. Life changed went she went to a Zumba class, it took her after 9 months of trying to find an ounce of confidence to get through the door. Within that hour she had the light bulb moment..... I want to be a Zumba instructor!! With professional help, she managed to ditch her anti-depressants, and she truly feels exercise and Zumba helped her to rediscover her POSITIVE MENTAL HEALTH. She begged, borrowed and stole to make it happen,”! didn't pay my mortgage for 2 months and got my ETM (Exercise To Music) Level 2 qualification. I was the heaviest, unfitist and most unlikely candidate but ended up with a DISTINCTION and highest grade in the group... Failure wasn't an option, this was my vocation" She then took her Zumba licence and felt so passionate about spreading this empowerment with other women, she was teaching within a week. She has since upgraded her Zumba licence to become a Pro-Skills Instructor. Charm is an ambassador UK Coaching and Her Spirit. I discovered myself again through ZUMBA, fell back in love with myself, became a better momma, maintained my POSITIVE MENTAL HEALTH, felt empowered and got my shine back. I now feel in such a privilege to be an Instructor and share this love with other women ❤

Fiona Ward
Her Spirit Coach

Going from a single mother of 3, struggling mentally and physically to keep my head above water I decided to make some changes. I'd begun a relationship with a loving, supportive man who was a fantastic step-dad to the kids. He was there for me in the lowest of months but I knew that only I could make the changes needed to put the smile back on my face. I got myself some Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, a personal trainer to hold me accountable and help motivate me and began to seek information into doing a job I'd always been passionate about but didn't have the time due to raising children on my own. January 2018 I met with Mel for the first time and felt an instant connection with having similar beliefs and motivations. Mel put me in touch with a friend who helped fund my first course in Level 2 Fitness Instructor. This covered a practical, principles of exercise, nutrition and anatomy and physiology. It was hard to put myself out there, to make myself vulnerable and thrust myself out my comfort zone but I kept my head down and pushed through. I passed this exam July 2018. I went on to start my Level 3 Personal Trainer in September 2018 and passed with flying colours in February 2019Her Spirit is full of like minded women who support and encourage each other. It has given me the chance to meet new people and make new friends, try different exercise that I wouldn't have normally tried, allowing me to incorporate more fun in my exercise routine with variety. It's also been a support when advice or information is needed. There's no judgment, no cliche, just women helping women to be the better versions of themselves and thrive!