Winter Swim Challenge

Her Spirit in partnership with Straight Line Swimming and Zoggs

We are delighted to launch the 2021/22 Her Spirit Winter Swim Challenge in partnership with
Keri-anne Payne Founder of Straight Line Swimming and Zoggs. There are numerous physical and mental health benefits of cold water swimming and swimming in general and our winter swim challenge is designed to support and encourage you to keep swimming over the winter months.

The secret to acclimatising to cold water is just to swim in it, often – at least once a week, and preferably two or three, gradually extending the time that you stay in the water.  Our challenge isn’t about how long or how cold the water is but to swim consistently through the winter months to get the mental and physical benefits.

How does it work?

– Challenge runs until the 27th March 2022
– Swim a minimum of 10 minutes per week
– Accumulate a total of 220, 300, 400, 500 minutes
– Or choose your own minutes!
– If indoor swimming is your thing you can add your minutes too
– 30-minutes of indoor swimming equates to 10-minutes cold open water swimming
– Complete your winter swim challenge chart, post it in the swim community to claim your finisher swim cap and badge!

Challenge includes:

– Winter Swim Challenge Zoggs ‘start’ cap
– Winter Swim Challenge Zoggs ‘finisher’ cap
– Her Spirit official ‘finisher’ badge
– Her Spirit digital ‘start’ badge
– Swim Secure Member of the month goodie pack
– Dedicated swimming group within the app to share stories as well as gain support and motivation
– Downloadable Her Spirit Winter Swim Challenge chart
– How to swim safely in cold water tips from Keri-anne Payne
– Advice on what swim kit to wear when the water temperature drops
– Discount offers from our partners HUUB, Swim Secure & Zoggs

How to join

Complete the entry form below to join the challenge

Eligibility criteria:

– You must be a Her Spirit Premium member to enter

– OR buy a Non-Premium Member Entry for £14.99

– Interested in Premium membership? Claim the Winter Swim Challenge 50% off PREMIUM offer by using code WSCHS21. Click the premium button below to redeem.

– Entries are free for all existing Her Spirit Premium members

Please read the Challenge Disclaimer before completing the entry form.

Winter Swim Workshops

Find a local Winter Swim Workshops with Straight Line Swimming coaches.

These winter swimming workshops are for open water swimmers of all abilities and include both safety knowledge and a cold water immersion experience.
Each workshop will include all the safety knowledge for your local area as well as how to look out for and deal with hypothermia and cold water shock.
Your coach will also talk you through the best pre & post swim rituals to help you feel really confident to properly enjoy your winter swimming and the Winter Swim Challenge.

Find a workshop location

Her Spirit Winter Swim Challenge 

(for all Premium Members) 

In Partnership with

We are very excited to partner with Straight Line Swimming and their team of qualified open water swim coaches.  If you are looking for one to one coaching, group or cold water swim workshops you can access support from Straight Line coaches across the UK.  Sign up to find out more.

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