Premium Health

Wellbeing is everything. It is more than knowing our risk for certain diseases, like diabetes and heart disease. It is about living life fully - with energy, vitality and motivation. Sometimes these can be hard to come by especially if we are short on certain vitamins and minerals, like iron and vitamin D, or have an undiagnosed condition like thyroid disease.

This test (normally £99) was developed in conjunction with the medical team at Medichecks and is supported by our 12-step healthy Mind, Body, Fuel journey and Medichecks result led personal action plans.

Is Premium Health for you?

Her Spirit offers a easy and affordable way to check your physical health from the inside out. If you feel like your health is holding you back and you want to be proactive about making sure your diet and lifestyle is as healthy as possible then then this is for you.

19 tests Including:

Liver Function  Iron Status Diabetes Inflammation Marker Cholesterol Status Vitamins Thyroid Function Hormones

Premium Health

12-Month Subscription - 30% Introductory Offer
£ 99
  • Premium subscription plus.....
  • Medichecks Blood Test
  • Post Blood Test Action Plans
  • 121 Coaching

What's also included in Her Spirit


With our vibrant online and offline community you are never on your own. Find support, motivation and the inspiration to achieve goals you never thought possible


Helping you build your confidence, reverse the negative chatter and learn how to live life to the full.


Helping you build total body confidence, motivation with our step by step activity plans and online exercise videos. 


No more diets, no more calorie counting just learning to fuel yourself for a happier, healthier life.