What's Your Why

Take time to reflect if you want to make life-time changes from the inside out. Here we help you understand what makes you tick so you can create a clear vision for your healthier and happier me.

January is seen by many as the month when we make changes and start to focus on our health. But the truth is that with the right support, and the right tools you can focus on your health, and your happiness at any time of the year. The first step is giving yourself some space to reflect.


1.     Understanding what makes us tick?

Before, we explain why you should reflect and how to do get the most from the process it’s worth understanding a little more about how we tick as women. In 2017 researchers from the University of Zurich found that women are wired to be kinder and more generous than men and that our brains react differently to “prosocial” (selfless) and selfish behaviour. When a woman exhibits some form of kindness, it triggers a greater reward signal than it does in men, whose reward system is stimulated more by selfish behaviour. The brain’s reward system, known as the ‘striatum’, administers dopamine when triggered and therefore influences what motivates us to do certain things on the basis that they will make us feel good.


What does this mean for you when you reflect? 

Women are most incentivised by kindness whereas men are mostly incentivised by self-serving thoughts. ‘Empirical studies show that girls are rewarded with praise for ‘prosocial’ behaviour, implying that their reward systems learn to expect a reward for helping behaviour instead of selfish behaviour,’ explains lead researcher, Alexander Soutschek.


If this sounds like you, then it might help you to understand why diet, and exercise plans haven’t worked to now, and why nothing ever sticks.


2.     Create Your Vision

When you record your mind, body and fuel habits over seven days you can see the state of play in practical terms. But when you begin to dig deeper you may need to re-frame how you think. For example, if you ask yourself why you want to lose weight, do you ever answer, to be healthy for my children, to be attractive for my husband, or to be more competitive in the workplace and taken seriously? 


Be honest with yourself…

It could be that like many women who are used to thinking of others you need to dig deeper. Do you want to lose weight so you simply feel good? You look in the mirror and think ‘yes’? Do you want to exercise so that you can have time to yourself to relax and unwind? Allow yourself and your mind space to explore. Give yourself permission to be ‘selfish’.


…But embrace the feminine power


Remember, many women are motivated to give back, to be supportive, to be givers not takers. If that’s you, celebrate that side of you. Being part of a supportive community like HER SPIRIT can nurture you and strengthen you, and make your own journey more likely to be a successful


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