Her Spirit launches eight week campaign to challenge the diet and fitness industry.

Over the next eight weeks the Her Spirit Together podcast series will ignite the conversation and start to challenge from the inside out, not only the diet and fitness industry, but the wider world we are living in.

Women are fed up with diets that don’t work and 30-day ‘shred’ images that are not realistic. 50% of the UK population is on a constant diet and only 1 in 10 women in the UK are losing 5% of their body fat and keeping it off. It’s no longer acceptable for the diet and fitness industry to pedal quick fixes, untruths and assume one size fits all.

Our ‘Together’ podcasts, hosted by Her Spirit Co-Founder, Mel Berry, will be talking to women from all spheres of life. She’ll be finding out what makes them imperfectly perfect, why women’s lives are being increasingly viewed and judged through the Instagram lens and what we can do to change this.

                                                 TOGETHER PODCAST 1 – LISTEN

                         Jayne Mayled – MD True Story & Founder of White Hot

Jayne is Managing Director of True Story who are a creative agency for retailers, consumer businesses and brands. Jayne is also the Founder of White Hot and is inspiring women to embrace their grey or white hair as a stylish colour choice.  Jayne and the team at True Story have also been the inspiration behind the creation of the Her Spirit brand identity.

Jayne talks openly about her life over the last couple of decades and why it’s more important than ever to free ourselves from the tyranny of thinking there is only one way to be. She discuss why we are in danger of losing empathy for each other and why the diet and fitness industry isn’t creating solutions that work for people long term.