3 Easy Exercises in Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a way of stopping and pausing and being in the moment, a simple tool that can help make you feel healthier and happier. Indira Kennedy, author and mindfulness guru, shares three simple exercises you can do today.

In simple terms mindfulness is all about paying more attention to the present moment – to your own thoughts and feelings, and to the world around you. Here’s three simple actions you can take now to enjoy the benefits feel healthier and happier today.

Here are three simple mindfulness exercises you can do over the holiday, from Indira Kennedy’s book ‘Gorgeous All Over – a daily guide for women with spirit‘:

Digesting the best
Eat in a quiet place, focus on the colour, shape, texture, smell and taste of your food. Chew slowly. Be silent or at very least, speak only a little. Relish your meal! Apply the same to what you choose to see, hear and read – choose what truly feeds and nourishes you.

Celebrating life
Scan your diary from the beginning of the year to now and relive all the great things you have done, big and small. Allow the feeling of these to fill your body, mind and heart. Set an intention for what you want to experience from now on and then choose what you will do, have and give that will allow you to feel this way. Write these in your journal and then act in ways that reflect your desires.

Body scanning
Lie quietly and comfortably, with eyes closed. Focus on your body from the inside out, running your attention over the whole of the outside of your body, head to feet. Then repeat this focusing on the inside of your body. Watch what is happening on the inside. Breathe naturally and stay alert but soft. Be still for 20 minutes. Do this daily, before you get out of bed or go to sleep or whenever you are free to do so.

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