Live Classes

Join our fun, friendly, tribe of like-minded women taking part in weekly LIVE streamed classes.

Live classes are a great way to chat to our coaches and fellow Her Spiriters.  It’s all about going at your own pace and reaching YOUR best, no one else’s.

Our hand picked coaches  are supportive and aways on hand to help you get fitter and stronger on your terms.

Stream classes LIVE and play them back anytime from your phone, tablet, laptop or smart TV.


Her Spirit is packed with great coaches,  inclusive challenges and a community of inspiring women to help you get started and stay motivated.

Take part in our regular community challenges or choose a challenge and start anytime.

All our challenges are inclusive and suitable for women of all abilities and stages of life.

From walking to running, getting stronger,  swimming and cycling we have a challenge for you.


Coaching and Training Plans

We all need a bit of focus and taking part in an event is a great way to get you started and help you stay motivated.

Events are also where fellow Her Spiriters meet each other, have fun  and experience the true power of achieving something together.

We have a whole range of events and coaching plans for swimming, running, cycling and triathlon to help you achieve your goals.

All our plans are designed to be flexible and the right level of challenge no matter your current activity level.

Our team of expert coaches are here to guide, support and celebrate with you every step of the way.


Her Spirit provides personalised coaching for your mind, body and fuel. For every Premium membership bought we gift a membership to a woman on a low or no income.


No Credit Card needed
  • Join Her Spiriters in the the global community
  • Find your local group
  • Join our swim, bike, run, triathlon and women's health groups
  • Access LIVE streamed classes:
    • Strength Blast 30
    • Strength Power 45
    • Indoor Cycling
    • Power Pilates
    • Plyo Power
    • Yoga - All Levels
    • Yoga for Running + Cycling
    • Yoga for swimming
  • Take on Community Mind, Body and Fuel Challenges
  • Listen to the inspirational podcast with Louise Minchin.
  • Generous partner discounts (inc Zoggs, HUUB, Swim Secure, Medichecks)


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  • Her Spirit Warrior Badge
    • For every Premium membership bought we gift a membership to a woman on a low or no income.
  • PLAYBACK all LIVE streamed classes anytime
  • Access to all Her Spirit Challenges (inc.rewards I.e swim caps, badges)
  • All On-Demand programmes including:
    • Couch2 Kilos - 6 Week Strength Programme
    • Yoga for hips and back
    • Core strength programme
    • 20-30 min HIIT programmes
    • Swimming, cycling, running and triathlon training programmes
    • My Healthy Mind
    • 21-Days of Calm
    • 6-week Learn to Fuel
  • Get advice from our swim, bike, run and triathlon coaches and training plans
  • Get direct access to women’s health coaches and programmes
  • Seasonal recipes and meal planners
  • Learn to Fuel - 6 week nutrition course
  • Meditation to help calm the mind
  • LIVE Monthly Q+A’s with health and well-being experts
  • Her Spirit Premium Member Only Discounts

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