Stop counting calories. Start living!

Stop counting calories

How many years have you wished you could stop counting calories? Do you relentlessly watch the scales go up and down, with your mood intrinsically linked to where that ruddy needle sits on those scales?

I have to hope I’m not the only one who has shaken my scales, checked the back, got on and off a few times, removed a belt, shoes, even jewellery, to try and tip myself back to the previous pound. Anyone even tried changing the dial to kilograms because you don’t understand the metric system and it feels a damn sight easier to be in the land of the unknown?!

Those bloody scales

Quite amazingly, the relationship we women have with the scales has been the key to unlocking a multi-million pound industry for those with a calorie counter, a set of scales and a raft of celebratory weight loss certificates! I for one want to stop counting calories!

Not only does this industry encourage you to stand on the scales once a week, they want you to do it in front of a franchisee (often someone who has themselves been failed by the diet and fitness industry, they just don’t realise it!) and another 20 women (with the occasional man for good measure), who have dragged themselves away from their family and social life to embrace this seemingly addictive shameful act.

Don’t get me wrong, you’re given recipes to follow, encouraged to get active (with very little further encouragement or guidance) and told what is ‘sinful’ and what is acceptable. Sinful?! Wow.
You’re expected to spend your day counting, whether it’s the calories on a packet, the weight of your carbohydrates on the scales, or the number of pounds you’ve gained or lost. Life is one big bloody abacus! 

Surely lifestyle change is what anybody who sets foot over the threshold of a community centre or village hall with their calorie counter, actually needs? Something that inspires them to move, get active and do something that makes them feel healthier and happier. Some guidance on what’s good to eat, that’s easy to make, tastes great and is good for us. Forget how many calories it has, stop ignoring certain food groups – ‘no carbs before Marbs’ should not be an actual thing, our bodies need carbohydrates!

And what about our minds? How do we keep track of that, there’s definitely nobody with a set of scales helping us find the balance there! Keeping our minds content, happy and balanced is just as important as improving our physical health, and that’s rarely even considered by the health and fitness industry – have you ever been to a spinning class where they tell you to just do your best, keep your bike at the level you’re most comfortable with, and push yourself when you’re ready? I very much doubt it.

I understand why so many women feel so disenfranchised by this system, that they step away from it, reach for the French Fancies, a bottle of wine and plant themselves firmly on the sofa in front of Gogglebox. Why wouldn’t you?

The Her Spirit way
I’m so happy to have found the Her Spirit community. The healthier living club for all women has enabled me to stop counting calories. It’s an app with healthy living resources, but most importantly a closed community of women, who support each other in every way.

If we’re having a bad day, if we have a question, if we’re proud of our achievements, if we’ve made headway on our goals, we share it and we’re bolstered by the support of the women that surround us. The recipes are amazing (and mean we stop counting calories and just enjoy our food), many of them developed by the women who use Her Spirit – they’re borne out of a need to fuel a family, and enjoy the good things in life. The fitness videos give me the chance to do things properly and under advisement, but at home, in my own time and space; and the articles about mental health, accompanied by the meditations and podcasts, are calming and at the right times, so useful.

Her Spirit is here to challenge the mess that is the diet and fitness industry, and I feel such a part of that challenge. I’m here to stop counting and start living. Are you?
There’s a 14 day free trial – if nothing else, just give it a try!

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