Our Challenges

Join our fun and totally inclusive monthly community challenges. Suitable for all ages and abilities.


Get fitter and stronger for life.

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Winter Swim Challenge

Her Spirit in partnership with Straight Line Swimming and Zoggs

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HUUB Tour de Her Spirit

Fun, friendly and inclusive way to get fitter, stronger and healthier over the winter.

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30-Days Stronger Challenge

Take minutes our of your day and be Stronger in 30-Days

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30-Day Boot Camp

Start Today Fitter and stronger in 30-Days

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10-Day Meditation Challenge

Have you ever wanted to start meditating but didn’t know where to begin? With our 10-Day programme learn how to calm your attention, pause the compulsive chatter and gain some space.

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Faster 5K

Run a faster 5k in just 8 weeks and build up to a 5k community run.

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6-Week Learn to Fuel

Learn to Fuel for health and happiness in just 6-weeks with our expert Fuel Coach Jesse Lambert-Harden.

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Learn to run by feel and not time or distance. Our free 6-week programme is designed for both beginners and regular runners helping you to run technically well, making running more enjoyable.

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Her Spirit Swim

Join our Her Spirit Swim Community

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Her Spirit Triathlon

Join the Her Spirit triathlon community in partnership with British Triathlon

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Her Spirit Cycling

Join our Her Spirit cycling community

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What an amazing, inspiring community of real women/friends who have supported me to put my face in the water, ride solo, learn to run, introduced me to podcasts .... Her Spirit just gives me so much and life keeps getting better. Thank you

Michelle - Wiltshire


We provide the motivation, inspiration and support to help you achieve you goals.