Movement Matters

Movement is the key to living a more active, healthier and happier life

Mobility exercise, muscle releases and stretching are simple ways to activate your body, so you can start making changes today.  

Why you should do mobility exercises?

Mobility exercises are necessary to ensure that each body part you are using when you do more vigorous exercise has the ability to move in the ranges that are necessary. For example, when you run, your pelvis needs to be able to tip forwards and backwards and your spine needs to be able to synchronise with that. If your pelvis is stiff it can increase the amount of work required in your spine and so can cause problems over time.

Muscle release exercises

These are designed to take the tension out of tight muscles. If a muscle is tight then it can cause more pressure on other muscles or joints and over time cause them to hurt. Muscle tightness can be caused by many things including being too static (sitting all day at work) and being too active (progressing your exercises too quickly).


It’s important to stretch muscles that are too tight and restrict movement at a joint. When a muscle is tight it increases the pressure on another parts of your body or on the part that is restricted. This can compromise your performance of any task, from running to sitting at your desk at work.

The Exercises

We have picked a range of exercises to do to get started. They all have simple, small step progressions.

How long will it take for these exercises to work?

Some will work immediately, but need doing repetitively to maintain that benefit, such as the muscle releases. The mobility exercises and the stretches can take a few weeks to see some differenc

A big thank you to Martin Haines and his team at Brytespark for your insight and support https://www.brytespark.com/advisory-boar

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