Be Inspired – Jessica Lane and how she found a new love of swimming.

My biggest barrier has been losing my Dad very suddenly. This was the start of a time in my life that I found very tough. He died very suddenly without any illness or warning, I had a very young baby at the time and my family and support network crumbled under the understandable shock and grief.

This was when I first started running. I needed time and space to just be me and not have to think about anything or anyone. So I found a local friendly local running club and when I ran my first slow mile, I was utterly hooked. All I had to think about was putting one foot in front of the other and to keep on breathing. I also discovered the magic of exercise helping with mental health, and slowly I began to bring my head up and could start to see things a little more clearly and start moving forward.

I am a self-confessed hot head and I tend to run into situations headfirst. This can be a good thing in certain situations, however, I am trying to remember to stop…think first…and then make a more educated decision. 

But I have also learnt that I am capable of anything I want. If I want it badly enough, I can do it with the right planning and support. That’s a very powerful realization.

My husband and children are my biggest supporters. My husband is there from day one and although sometimes he questions why I might want to do something, I know he will do his very best to support me so that I can achieve it. And my children because I know they are watching me, and I believe that actions that speak louder than words. Knowing I have 2 little pairs of eyes on me, watching me work at something hard and achieve a goal I never thought possible is something I hope they will reap benefits from in the future.


My motivation is both my mental health – trying to find a healthy way to maintain a positive outlook on life and my physical health – I don’t want to die young and leave my children without a parent at a young age so I try to stay physically healthy and keep active.

Trying to take my own advice – I often tell other women that they can do something they feel is not achievable just as long as they try and want it badly enough, so I’m putting my money where my mouth is.


I’m not sure I have achieved a work-life balance at the moment this but I am always trying to. If I feel overwhelmed I try to stop, have an evening with my husband and talk it through with him. 

It has recently become apparent to me that I need to learn to say ‘No’ more often. I can’t possibly do everything I want to, so ensuring I have a list of priorities and that I am spending most time and energy on those top ones is my goal.

Physical activity is the way that I invest in me- I have a young, busy family so time for myself comes at a premium so I try to ensure that when I do have time for me, I use it wisely and get out and make the most of it. 

I also try to see my friends as often as possible, I have a group of friends that are all cheering me on from the side-lines that I don’t see enough of so trying to squeeze in some time with them needs planning!

Healthy body, mind and soul.

Staying active, getting enough sleep, drinking lots of water, eating the right food, staying off social media as much as possible, consciously thinking of a few things I am grateful for in my life first thing each morning and reading a good book before bed are all things that help me to look after my mind.

For me, the organisation is the key. If I am not organised and come home hungry then I am more likely to eat sugary convenient foods. I find that if I start the day well with porridge and fruit then I am more likely to make better decisions throughout the day. However I also have to confess I am not a good cook and my husband does most of the cooking – this is one of the many ways he supports me by having a hot, nutritious meal waiting for me when I get home after exercise. 

Another tip from me would be to ensure you are drinking lots of water – some times I think i am hungry but I just need to drink some water!

I have recently found a love for swimming, I can feel myself growing in confidence and ability. And also swimming in the sea – I am fortunate enough to live near the sea so try to take advantage of this as regularly as possible. 

I am also trying to find a love for yoga – I don’t love it during the activity but I know I will feel good after.

But any activity outside is always sure to make me feel good – I don’t really care what the weather is, as long as I am outside in the fresh air then I know I will feel great.

Women Supporting Women.

Say yes! more. I think about my teens and twenties and what I could have achieved if I had stepped back for a second and thought about what I wanted and what opportunities I may have let slip past me. 

Also, when women support one another, great and fantastic things can happen! I feel that there are so many outside influences with the narrative of making women feel like that we aren’t enough (whether that be our weight, our physical appearance, our salary, our bank balance, our location, our friendships, our relationships etc.) that if we just stop and ignore that and instead of feeling like we are competing against one another, and instead we are actually supporting one another, then great and positive things can and do happen. 

I would recommend Her Spirit to people. It’s a group of like-minded women all cheering and supporting one another. Only positive things can come from it!

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