Start biking with confidence today

There’s nothing better for your mind and body than riding your bike in the great outdoors. Getting back on your bike after a long break or starting to ride on the road can be daunting.  Her Spirit’s 6-week Bike with Confidence programme is the perfect first step into cycling.  


You can start anytime and our team of Her Spirit cycling coaches will guide you week by week on your journey to biking confidence.  With everything from what you need to get back on your bike, what to wear and how to deal with any mechanical issues we will help you learn to love cycling. 



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Whats included

Bike with Confidence is a structured 6-week programme that helps you develop the skills and competence to start riding with confidence.  Join the Her Spirit cycling group and meet other women also doing the Bike with Confidence programme and get advice, support and tips from our expert coaches. 

  • Mounting and dismounting
  • Discovering brakes and breaking with control
  • Balance and cornering
  • Riding with control
  • Mastering gears
  • Pedalling and leg speed
  • Ascending and descending
  • How to plan and ride a route
  • Learn your bike anatomy
  • Fix a puncture pumping your tyres up

Start your journey...

The Her Spirit Bike with Confidence programme is a great way to get you back on your bike.

We will send you a weekly reminder directly to your inbox for the next 6 weeks and all you have to do is download the Her Spirit app and head to our cycling section and get started. 


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