Get fitter and stronger for life.

Kick start 2022 with a healthy and sustainable way to drop the kilos!

Couch2Kilos is a free strength challenge designed to help EVERY women get stronger in 6-weeks.

With four levels Couch2Kilos is suitable for women of all abilities from just starting out to those who are already active.

It is totally flexible, you can do it anytime, from anywhere, at the gym or home and on any device. You can start with zero equipment and work up the levels and learn how use a variety of weights.

Her Spirit community members tell us that strength training has helped them build body confidence and feel more able to coupe with daily life. This is the case for women of all ages and especially true for women who are experiencing peri-menopause and menopause.

Working with our team of coaches, British Weight Lifting and Professor Greg Whyte, OBE, former Olympian, Sports Scientist and Comic Relief/Children in Need celebrity coach, we have created a programme that is not only accessible to every women, is also kick ass!

Who is it for? 

Couch2Kilos is suitable for women of all abilities from just those starting out to those that are already active. Couch2Kilos includes advice on healthy eating and how to look after your mind.

With 4 levels, three of which can be done virtually, it is easy to find what works for you.  You can start on one level and move between levels its entirely up to you.

What level should I start at?

Level 1 – Bodyweight. No equipment need
This is perfect for first timers and those returning to exercise after a break. We will incorporate the use of strength bands to aid additional progression however these are not necessary to get started.

Level 2 – Strength Bands + Small Weights (1kg-5kg)
If you are fairly active (2-3 times per week) and have done some strength training at home or in the gym. You might have struggled with consistency and need to be motivated by others to keep you on track.

Level 3 – Small Weights + Barbell

This is for those that are active 3-5 times per week and already incorporating strength training into your routine. This will take you to the next level by increasing your strength for a range of activities.  If you struggle with consistency and need a bit of a challenge this is for you!

Level 4 – Introduction to Weightlifting
These in-person 2-hour workshops are designed for women who are brand new to weightlifting. They are suitable for anyone who is fairly active and ideally done some form of strength training in the past.Workshops will be hosted in a variety of locations from Spring 2022. Sign up for more information.

What is included?

Couch2Kilos is FREE for 6-weeks starting 3rd January
– Sign up to the Her Spirit app
– Join the Global Community of Her Spiriters
– Join LIVE every Monday for your 30min session.
– PLAYBACK Mondays live session 2x each week
– Download the Couch2Kilos Weekly Progress Tracker
– Access to expert Q+A’s with leading coaches
– Claim your digital “Couch2Kilos” Finisher Badge
– Join us LIVE on the 14th February for “The Big Lift”

Her Spirit Strength Challenge 

(3rd January to 14th February) 

Join the Couch2Kilos challenge, support our #IAMWOMAN campaign and help us shatter some of the taboos around strength training and healthy eating for women.

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